Thursday, June 24, 2010

Twin Sister Shenanigans

Our First Time Playing a Twin Trick

Looking back at my childhood, I realize that Laura and I figured out Very Young that this twin thing could be a blast! Not only did we realize it would be fun but we also surmised that we could play some sneaky tricks on people. Nothing that would intentionally hurt people, just harmless, good, clean fun.

Our first big attempt at Twin Shenanigans was when we were only Five Years Old. Yep, you heard it right-Two little kindergarteners already using their twinhood to their advantage. So the story goes...

Laura and I talked and giggled, late into the night, in our back room. We were going over our plan to pull off the big "Twin Switcheroo." We discussed details so the morning would go down without a hitch. My kindergarten class was on the first floor and Laura's was on the second. She told me as much as she possibly knew about her teacher and I did the same. She told me that her teacher was a pretty blond and seemed pretty nice. She explained that she thought Miss Backlund seemed to like children. That was a relief to hear! I told Laura that I had a Really old teacher(around 50) which was ancient to me at this age. Mrs. Weebush was a nice old lady that let us do fun things like the game called, "Show and Tell." She also played a game with us where one of us would put our head on her lap while someone else would hide a certain trinket. They would count to 10 and then the child not peeking would go try to find it. That game, I told Laura, was called, Hide and Seek. After going over the final details for the big day, we finally put our heads on our pillows and tried to fall asleep.

Mom came in our bedroom to wake us up like she always did at 8:00AM. "Rise and Shine Linda and Laura." Little did she know what we were up to. Mom had two matching outfits out for us, something that neither of us ever appreciated. Why parents do that to twins is beyond me? I know moms intentions were good but how Annoying! We went through our normal morning routine of eating froot loops and hanging out until it was time to get on the bus. On our ride to school we both had butterflies but nothing that made us want to back out.

I will Never forget how It felt when Laura and I stepped off the bus and started the walk into school. We whispered to eachother whether we should try this switching class prank or not. What if we get caught? What if someone talks to me and I don't know how to pretend to know them? Could we flunk kindergarten if we get caught? What kind of punishment would the teachers give us if we were caught? So many things now started coming into our minds about what we were about to do.

Well, we did it. Laura went to my classroom and I went to hers. No-one was the wiser and we both came out of it feeling Exhilerated! We felt so Powerful! We felt so Sneaky! More and more exciting ideas of how to trick people rushed through our minds. On the bus ride home we laughed so hard our heads hurt. We each shared our exciting stories of the day. After finishing our stories in much detail, we both looked at eachother and said at the same time, "We have to do this again." And that we did, Time and Time again...

(P.S.) If you believe twin tricks stop when one gets older, you are wrong.

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