Monday, January 27, 2014

Why Minnesotan's are Ready for Spring

Blizzard Conditions in Minnesota

Yes, you are seeing right. Wind Chills in Minnesota will be as cold as -40 below

Schools in Minnesota are closed for the 4th time this year

This has been a crazy winter in Minnesota. This is the fourth time school's have been cancelled due to the frigid, dangerous, cold temperatures. It looks like schools will be closed again tomorrow as well.  With this difficult weather comes a lot of frustration. Parent's have to figure out child care with their children staying home. In most cases, one parent has to stay home from work which means using vacation time or personal time. With this crazy winter weather, the time off is starting to really rack up.

As I write this, my sister and I are stuck in our home because we can't get the car up the steep driveway. Our snow plow man wouldn't even come out in this weather to clear  the snow. He said it made no sense to come plow in these blizzard conditions while the snow is blowing all over.  He'll come over when things calm down a bit.

My poor dogs are having a hard time making it outside long enough to do their duty. We run out, get it done and run back in. Usually the dogs are picking up one of their paws as they relieve themselves. It's so sad.

We are all suffering from cabin fever from being stuck in the house. It's important to think of things to do to keep from getting really down and depressed.Whether it's the pets or the people, we are sick and tired of this long winter.

Now you understand why we hardy Minnesotan's are ready for spring. What I wouldn't do to be sitting on a tropical beach, sipping a refreshing cocktail with the warm sun on my face and the sound of ocean waves hitting the shore. I can only dream for now.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Colorless Canvas

Photo and Edit by Linda Rogers

Like lonely artist with tree branches sketched 
the memories of him stay f-o-r-e-v-e-r etched

 The penciled-in leaves drawn deep in her heart
 dimming bright hues into colorless art 

She watches as light begins fading away
and whispers of him lead her spirit astray

Frigid dark branches have nothing to lose
just as the lover who misses her muse

The pain of staring at his empty canvas
leaves her imprisoned and riddled with madness.

For OpenLinkNight at dVerse Poet's-Week129 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad

Even after sixteen long years
missing you still brings me to tears

A piece of me died that October day
when angels guided you far far away

I'm sure mom was there to welcome you home
in the place where God and celestial's roam

I know our time on earth is but brief
and seeing you again will bring me relief

Being your daughter was truly the best
our reunion on high will be a love fest

Until then dad, I bid you adieu
and wish a heart felt 'happy birthday' to you