Friday, June 17, 2011

Life is Great/God is Good/Great News to Share

What a relief blogger buddies :-)

Before I share my Awesome news, we have to go back to December of 2010. As a lung cancer survivor, I went in for my yearly catscan. I was pretty calm as I was almost seven years cancer-free. This particular scan showed a spot on my right lung which is the same lung that Had the cancer in "04". I had gotten spots two other times and they had disappeared by the time I went back for the follow-up scan so I wasn't super worried but there is always nervousness when you get an "ify" scan. 

I went back for the follow-up scan in March 2011. My oncologist who is usually very upbeat and laid back, looked very concerned as she told me that the spot they found in December was gone but now I had four new spots and one of them was pretty big. I fell apart when she told me and found myself blurting out the "F" bomb and telling her that the cancer can't come back because my life is so wonderful and sweet. I know it was a little uncomfortable for her as she's never seen me cry and break down the way I did. The next step she said was to set up another follow-up scan in three months to see if the spots changed. Obviously, the best case scenario would be that the spots would either disappear or get smaller which would mean it wasn't cancer.

The last three months of waiting has been really tough. I can't thank my beautiful family enough for putting up with my ups and downs and crabby outbursts. You really start to think about the what if's and really face your mortality with this cancer journey and questionable cat scans.

My follow-up scan was this last Tuesday, June 14 and the appointment for the results was This Thursday, June 16. I brought my twin sister for moral support and I know she needed to be with me as much as I needed her. We held hands as the oncologist said, "Good news Linda, your catscan was normal." Laura and and I held each other and did some whoo hoo's, cheers and some dancing. There were never more beautiful words. 

I am so grateful that I am still cancer-free and can continue living my lovely life. I live with my twin sister and her two beautiful children and take a lot of pride in helping raise her kids. Just remember that life is a gift and every day God gives us, is a blessing.