Thursday, December 6, 2012

Almost Fifty-Time for a Mid-Life Crisis Convertible

Sis and I will be fifty in January-where on earth has the time goneI still feel very young at heart though my body reminds me of the truth.

Laura and I bumped into some great friends recently and they shared their daughter was selling her beloved convertible.
Once we heard the word ‘convertible ‘ we were all earsWe met with the sellers the very next day and the rest as they say, is history.

We've been without a second car for a few years now, so having another vehicle is a great blessing to us. Who would have guessed sis and I would not only get a great deal on another car but we'd get a convertible just in time for the big 50th birthdayWe're having a blast driving around with the top down and listening to 70's and 80's music.

If you hear two women singing and laughing down the highway-that would be L and L; the happy twins.