Wednesday, July 30, 2014

House of Ruins

I wake to the sound of crashing waves
and pain of my body slamming against the wall 

I try to stand and get my footing 

but I'm flung about the room like an old rag doll

I feel scared and confused 

and move slowly to the door

Sweaty and tired I turn the brass knob

my loud screams drowned out by the horror

Water up to my chest, I go to the window

is this a dream or a practical joke

I shake uncontrollably;  legs turn to rubber

Fear overcomes me; I'm starting to choke

The sight so unbelievable I blink my eyes

yet the frightening vision is not a mistake

My childhood home has lost it's foundation

violently riding the waves of the lake

Written for dVerse Poet's Pub~Poetics
Prompt: DMT-Dream like State

*The prompt inspired me to write about one of my many dreams of my childhood and childhood home. I find great healing in my dream life; especially when it comes to working through a difficult childhood.