Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Twin-Cess-Diaries Records the Thrilling Release of Mysterious and Miraculous

It's been a very exciting week for those of us involved with the Book Series of Mysterious and Miraculous. After a labor of love from hard working scribes, editors, photographers and publishers, I am thrilled to announce the release of Mysterious and Miraculous, Book II.

This book series is intriguing to say the least. Several writers share their true stories of the mystical, mysterious and miraculous. Each series (1 & 2) - consist of twelve true stories and experiences that have forever transformed the life of the author and those close to them.

This review is a glimpse into the soul of Mysterious and Miraculous. Can you remember a time in your life when your perception of reality was shaken to the core? The stories you will read here will fill you with awe, inspiration, hope, and spiritual healing.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank the exceptional team that made this book series possible. Through their hard work, passion and dedication to this endeavor, this legacy of stories will continue.
A special thanks to Michael Friedman of Mockingbird Books Publishing, Angelia Phillips, Gail Sobotkin, Maria Jordan of Marcoujor's Musings, and Alicia Jaye Phillips of Sibling Synergy, as well as all the talented authors and contributors.

* 70% of the Proceeds from the book will go to Support Homeless Veterans Organization.
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