Thursday, February 25, 2010

Comedy Show

Twinner and I made plans to eat out at one of our favorite restaurants in the suburbs.  One of the things we love the most about this particular venue is that they seat you with several other people.  I am the type of person that relishes the social aspect of meeting new people, but little did I know what we were in for.  This was not going to be one of those quiet and to themselves type of family that we have sometimes been seated with. No, quite the contrary. This was one  of the most intriguing groups of people I have EVER had the pleasure of meeting.  Go grab a hot cup of coffee or a soda and I will walk you through my Bizarre yet Hilarious, dining experience...

We all follow the hostess in single file to the table.  I notice that besides my family of four, there are two other couples, each with one child.  I also notice that the mothers are carrying large trash bags of wrapped gifts.  I knew that my family and I were in for a celebration of some sort.  I don't know if it's that I'm in the mental health field or just my curious nature but I knew right away this was going to be very fun to observe and be a part of.  We hadn't even sat down yet when one of the men at the table introduced my family (twin sister Laura, my nephew Jacob and my niece Ellie)to his wife and daughter and his couple friends  and their son.  I love meeting new people but this introduction seemed so odd to me.  After introductions, we all sat down and Laura and I just enjoyed the crazy ride.  I felt like I was watching a Hilarious skit from Saturday Night Live except these people were not acting, they were just being themselves.  I figured out that this couple was doing their holdiay gift exchange and that's why all the gifts.  I also surmised that one couple was from out of town.  I felt sad for the mom that had a tired daughter that wouldn't stop crying.  Oh, how I remember those days with Laura's kids when they were a little younger and missed a nap or were overtired.  I wanted to tell her that I knew how frazzled she was feeling, especially when her husband asked her to take videos of their daughter opening gifts.  The problem with this request was that she was trying to eat dinner before it got cold, She was helping her daughter dig for gifts and She was trying to carry on a conversation with her girlfriend that was sitting next to her but still try to carry herself like she wasn't ready to have a breakdown.  What got my family and I through the chaotic meal was simple.  They were interesting and a little on the eccentric side.  It made us feel like maybe we weren't so alone after all.  Maybe all families are a little nuts!  Oh, and a couple side notes: 
  • The frazzled mommy sounded just like Bette Midler and looked a little like her too. 
  • When my family and I finished dinner, I whispered to the server, "check right away please, if you know what I mean"?  He whispered back, "Oh, I know what you mean"!  
Enjoy peoples' differences, it makes life soo much fun! 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kids Week

Hi everyone-I know, I haven't been online since my first attempt at blogging. It's not that I didn't want to as much as I forgot to fit it in on kids week. See, my twinner and I have her children every other week and last week was ours. Things tend to get very hectic when it's our week with the kids. There is sports, sports practice, driving to two different schools, homework, working adults, keeping up and maintaining a house and much more. The week we have the kids is always very challenging and busy but I can't imagine life without my twinners little ones. They give me such joy and purpose in life.

Ever since Laura and her ex-husband started talking about having kids, I knew that I would be much more than just an aunt. When your a twin and your as close as we are, one twins treasure tends to be the other twins treasure. I knew I would be an aunt but deep down I knew that I would be much more...A MOM . At the time Laura and her then husband were starting a family, I was as single as they come but the thought of my best friend and twin having kids was something I looked forward to, even if not yet for myself. I was excited for this new chapter in my life as an auntie. I vowed to Laura and myself that I would be very committed . I was there for the birth of both children and have been there consistently ever since to help raise them. In my wildest dreams, I never knew what becoming an aunt would do to me and my life. Little did I know back then that I would end up living with my twin sister and her kids. How did that all come about? More on that later.....

Twin Trivia: Do twins ever switch classes? Yes, and for Laura and I it started young. Young, as in kindergarten. I know, can you believe we already knew at age five, how fun this bond could be?