Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beacon of Light

She listens to the steady pitter pat
on what is another dark and dreary day

Even the dogs tire of nature's tears

too wet to go outside for walk and play

Jazz rings out in the background

hoping to soothe a dampened soul

Melancholy dripping like raindrops

pulling me down a endless hole

Wringing me dry of energy and joy

 hopelessness winning this fight

Until  a beacon of light breaks through the fog

and darkness gives way to Open Link Night

Written for dVerse Poets

Week 118

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lightening Strike at the U.S. Open

The day will be forever etched in my mind
as news of your tragic death traveled 

When I got the dreaded call that day
I fell to my knee's; My life unraveled

Who knew your adventure at the U.S. Open
would be the last day of your young life

You were only 27 with so much left to do
the loss so unexpected, it cut us like a knife

A thunderstorm came out of nowhere
golf spectator's started to flee

You and Scott headed for safety
thinking it would be best under a tree

You wore old worn out shoes that day
which made the hit more frightening

The energy traveled through the hole
your life cut short by lightening

Written for dVerse Poets Pub
MeetingtheBar Night

We were asked to write a tribute to friendship
or to the beloved man and fellow Poet~Dave King
who sadly passed away recently.