Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Seeing Oncologist on News Brings up Mixed Emotions

Photo  with Family in 2004

I was taken by surprise when I looked up and saw my past oncologist on the news today. I'm feeling mixed emotions after watching Dr. Leach's interview about the rise in lung cancer. It doesn't matter that I'm eleven years cancer free; seeing his face again brings me right back to those horrendous, first five years of surviving lung cancer.

Those first five years were the hardest... Aside from the difficult challenges of lung cancer treatments, which included: surgery to remove the tumor, aggressive chemotherapy and radiation; I was keenly aware that my odds of surviving the disease, were very low (20-25%). Thanks to my faith in God and love and support from friends and family, I was grateful to make it through the treatment regiments and begin the long road to recovery.

I struggle with chronic health issues after my lung cancer journey, but it's all worth it. The diagnosis of lung cancer has taught me how to be grateful for every day I am given.

Link to Dr. Leach's interview on Channel Five News:

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Twin Sister Represents Ebenezer Homes on Television Series | Comcast Newsmakers

I can't begin to express how proud I am of my twin sister and her many professional and personal
She currently works as Volunteer Director for Ebenezer Senior Housing but has held this position for the last eleven years. She's also a well polished speaker, talented writer, photographer, et cetera. Her latest endeavor was a recent television debut on Comcast Newsmakers. This television segment features leaders in the professional community who talk about their cause and mission.

It was a very exciting day for my twin sister- When she arrived, they whisked her to a back room (dubbed the spa room) where they applied make-up and styled her hair. She felt like a movie star with the pampering and special treatment she received.

Even as a well polished speaker, she admits to being a little nervous. Lights and camera's baiting her as she spoke about her passion for her work.

I tell my sister as often as I can, that she makes me proud every day! Personally and professionally! Please check out the link to her interview with Comcast Newsmakers, with Kevyn Burger.

Ebenezer Homes | Comcast Newsmakers#.VVPZGpeyurY.linkedin#.VVPZGpeyurY.linkedin

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Fun Friday Night Meeting Another Set of Twins

What a fun, spontaneous Friday night! Sis and I weren't planning on going out, but changed our minds when we heard a great band was playing at a local venue. 'City Lights' plays a variety of 50's, 60's, Classic Rock, Country and Disco music. If your up for a night of dancing and singing along to classic tunes, there's no doubt your'll enjoy 'City Lights'.

My sister and I were chatting with a couple buddies when two handsome, thirty-something men walked up to us. They introduced themselves as "twin brothers, Bryan and Dan." It was one of those fun, unexpected surprises on a Friday night. It's not often you meet another set of twins when your out on the town.

Meeting other twins is always an instant bond of sorts. As the four of us stood there chatting, it was like we'd known each other for years. Favorite twin stories poured out with ease in a matter of minutes. Soon we were asking the typical twin questions. Who is the Alpha? Who is more Outgoing, Are you or have you ever been Married? Any Children? any cool Twin Pranks, etc.,

The four of us were so immersed in conversation, we were oblivious to anything else going on around us. Once our twin reunion wrapped up, there was an awkward moment as we realized all eyes were on the two sets of twins.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

George Ezra-Live in Studio C

Sporting Some Cheap Sunglasses with George Ezra

My twin sister and I won free tickets to hear 'George Ezra' in 'Studio C' in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. As music lovers, we try to sign up for as many 'Studio C' performances as possible. We've heard some pretty incredible acts over the years, but George was not only extremely talented, he was genuinely refreshing. Guitar in hand and answering a swath of questions from a Cities- 97 DJ, he came off like the boy next door. Down to earth and making jokes with the studio audience, made it feel like we were sitting at a buddy's house- shooting the breeze and listening to him jam. Add to this; he's a handsome blond with an English accent which makes him exceptionally appealing and charming.

'George Ezra', (blues-folk-rock singer) not to be confused with 'Better Than Ezra' (alternative rock band) was born June 7, 1993 in Hertford, England. His singing career began in 2013 and recently sky rocketed after the release of his hit single, 'Budapest'. This hit song was one of two he played live in Studio C. It was also one of the songs he sang recently on Saturday Night Live. His soulful voice catches you off guard a bit. You swear your hearing someone twice his age with his bluesy style of music.

Were all going to hear a lot more from this talented, young singer/songwriter. He's on his way to great success in the music world. He's been compared to other new and upcoming artist's like; British singer, Sam Smith-Australian singer, Vance Joy-Irish singer, Hozier, and others making names for themselves.

George Ezra- live in Studio C

Link: George's biggest t.v. appearance to date in U.S. 

Saturday Night Live

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bumbles Bounce

I was heading out the door with my two dogs for our daily walk. It was a chilly March day so I decided to layer two fleece coats. I put a head band around my neck area and one around my ears. I walked out the front door with my dogs in tow. The deck was a little slippery with a slushy type of snow. As I neared the end of the deck, I slid on the slush and lost my balance.. It was one of those moments where time stood still. While I was flying through the air, I thought, "don't break your neck or smash your melon." I pulled my head forward and used my right arm and shoulder to break the fall. I landed in front of our garage, which is concrete. Thankfully, there was a thin coating of slushy snow where I fell. I'm not what you'd call a 'small woman'-and you know the saying, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall." I managed to get myself up and limped into the house.

Once in the house, I headed straight to the medicine cabinet and downed a couple Advil's. I sat on my recliner and did some self-assessment. After ruminating about all the terrible things that could come with a hard fall, I decided to call the nurse line and see if they thought I should get checked out. The nurse listened to my story and told me to go straight to E.R.

I felt bad having to call my twin sister at work, but the nurse advised me not to drive. I guess it made a lot of sense. At this point I could barely turn my neck left or right, and there was a chance I may have suffered a concussion. I was grateful to reach my sister right away. I told her what happened and asked if she could bring me to the emergency room. I was really lucky she was able to juggle her schedule around to help me out.

The new ER clinic in town is state of the art. I was greeted by a woman holding a notebook computer. She took down all the needed information and I was immediately brought back to a room. The doctor listened to my story and then did a bunch of muscle tests. The prognosis: "a sprained spine." In layman's terms, it basically means I had a bad fall. She suggested I make an appointment for a massage and sent me home with a prescription for a muscle relaxer.

My sister eagerly greeted me as I made my way into the lobby. "are you gonna be alright?" she asked. "No worries" I said. "I'll be a little sore for awhile, but thank Goodness Bumbles Bounce"

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Cancer Survivor's Great News

I finally mustered up the courage to make a cat scan appointment I'd been putting off way too long. I made a vow to start out the new year, 'worry free'.  I pulled up my big girl pants and begrudgingly dialed my oncologist.

Why the procrastination you ask? As a cancer survivor, you always worry the cancer is going to return. I don't care how optimistic and hopeful you are. Worry is part of the 'new normal' of life. It doesn't matter how good I look or feel, that little voice inside my head has a negative attitude. Truth be told, every time I have to face results of a scan, I'm scared to death. I think other cancer survivor's can understand me when I say, facing results is horrifying. Most people don't have to think about their mortality the same way a cancer survivor does. Top off the fear factor with a worrisome scan, and your adding fuel to the 'already' blazing fire.

Last year was one of those scary scans that brought me to my knee's. The scan revealed two small spots on my right lung. (The same lung that had cancer removed in 2004). I've had worrisome scans before, but for some reason I couldn't shake the feeling the cancer had returned.

Sweat beads multiply on my forehead as I Sit--Waiting--for the Reaper. She comes in and asks, "what are you so worried about? your scan is beautiful." "Not only are the two spots gone, she says with a smirk, you've graduated to yearly scans for maintenance."

I left her office- Thursday, January 29, 2015-nearly skipping-head held high. On this day- the negative voices in my head are silenced as I strut down the hallway of the hospital.

Friday, January 2, 2015

I missed watching the ball drop on New Years Eve

I feel like such a fuddy duddy. This is the first year I can remember not making it until midnight on New Years Eve. It's tradition for my twin sister and I to watch "Dick Clark's Rockin Eve." We put out a delicious buffet of finger foods for the festive evening. We graze on the food throughout the night as we watch incredible musical performances on t.v. before and after the ball drops,

I had every intention of sticking to my holiday routine, but my body had other plans. The fun started when my sister, niece and I, went out to lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant. We filled up on delicious tortilla chips, sour cream and salsa. For lunch we had combination platters of enchilada's and re-fried beans. I definitely ate too much and felt a little uncomfortable.

My niece had friends over to the house for a slumber party. The highlight of the party was basically pigging out all night while they watched movies.

I had been sick with the flu for fourteen days by the time New Years Eve rolled around. I just had a little cough left but was told by my doctor that I was no longer contagious. Since my energy was back, my sister and I decided to go down the street to a charming bar and restaurant for some cocktails. I should have known my immune system better after being sick, to tap her cool. I had around five beers throughout our stay, which hit me like a ton of bricks.

By the time sis and I came home around 8:30 P.M., I was exhausted! I tried to watch some of "Dick Clark's Rockin Eve" but couldn't keep my eyes open. I felt so disappointed and a little guilty for pooping out so early on my sister. She says she still had a great time watching the show and nibbling on appetizers, but I know it wasn't the same. I apologized profusely as I made my way upstairs to my bedroom.

I promise I'll make it to midnight next year sister, especially if I'm not just getting over the flu.