Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Seeing Oncologist on News Brings up Mixed Emotions

Photo  with Family in 2004

I was taken by surprise when I looked up and saw my past oncologist on the news today. I'm feeling mixed emotions after watching Dr. Leach's interview about the rise in lung cancer. It doesn't matter that I'm eleven years cancer free; seeing his face again brings me right back to those horrendous, first five years of surviving lung cancer.

Those first five years were the hardest... Aside from the difficult challenges of lung cancer treatments, which included: surgery to remove the tumor, aggressive chemotherapy and radiation; I was keenly aware that my odds of surviving the disease, were very low (20-25%). Thanks to my faith in God and love and support from friends and family, I was grateful to make it through the treatment regiments and begin the long road to recovery.

I struggle with chronic health issues after my lung cancer journey, but it's all worth it. The diagnosis of lung cancer has taught me how to be grateful for every day I am given.

Link to Dr. Leach's interview on Channel Five News:

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