Friday, May 22, 2015

My Twin Sister Represents Ebenezer Homes on Television Series | Comcast Newsmakers

I can't begin to express how proud I am of my twin sister and her many professional and personal
She currently works as Volunteer Director for Ebenezer Senior Housing but has held this position for the last eleven years. She's also a well polished speaker, talented writer, photographer, et cetera. Her latest endeavor was a recent television debut on Comcast Newsmakers. This television segment features leaders in the professional community who talk about their cause and mission.

It was a very exciting day for my twin sister- When she arrived, they whisked her to a back room (dubbed the spa room) where they applied make-up and styled her hair. She felt like a movie star with the pampering and special treatment she received.

Even as a well polished speaker, she admits to being a little nervous. Lights and camera's baiting her as she spoke about her passion for her work.

I tell my sister as often as I can, that she makes me proud every day! Personally and professionally! Please check out the link to her interview with Comcast Newsmakers, with Kevyn Burger.

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  1. I was reading about Laura's TV debut on Facebook and was so happy and excited for her. Hope you're doing well dear friend. xxx

    1. Hi Susan-It's awesome to see your smiling face on my blog. Yes, I was so proud of how cool and calm Laura was on television.
      How are you feeling these days? are you still receiving treatments? I'm always thinking and praying for you. Love Linda