Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here goes nothing

Today I spent time getting acquainted with this process they call "blogging." My mind is spinning because there is so much to learn but I can't wait to get started. I am sitting here with my favorite friend in the world who happens to be my twin, learning this process. I have a new and exciting venture ahead of me and have a huge passion for writing which in my life has included; journaling, writing short stories and columns and now thought I would use my love of writing by creating my own blog. So here it is, I will write a blog about the experience of being a twin. What is it like? How does it compare with non-twins? How do siblings react or feel about the relationship that exists between twins? How do twins feel about comparisons that people make about them? How do partners, friends and/or spouses feel about the twin relationship? I will share fun stories and factoids about twins. There are many reasons why I want to blog about this relationship and my hope and mission is simple: This is a diary about life, it's journey and my perspective of life as a twin. I welcome twins and non-twins to visit my site. This is a diary not solely about twins but the everyday life of a person who happens to be a twin.  I plan to blog about anything and everything I am experiencing day to day and hope you will find it an easy read, interesting and maybe even inspiring. Ok, here it first day as a blogger.