Monday, April 13, 2015

A Fun Friday Night Meeting Another Set of Twins

What a fun, spontaneous Friday night! Sis and I weren't planning on going out, but changed our minds when we heard a great band was playing at a local venue. 'City Lights' plays a variety of 50's, 60's, Classic Rock, Country and Disco music. If your up for a night of dancing and singing along to classic tunes, there's no doubt your'll enjoy 'City Lights'.

My sister and I were chatting with a couple buddies when two handsome, thirty-something men walked up to us. They introduced themselves as "twin brothers, Bryan and Dan." It was one of those fun, unexpected surprises on a Friday night. It's not often you meet another set of twins when your out on the town.

Meeting other twins is always an instant bond of sorts. As the four of us stood there chatting, it was like we'd known each other for years. Favorite twin stories poured out with ease in a matter of minutes. Soon we were asking the typical twin questions. Who is the Alpha? Who is more Outgoing, Are you or have you ever been Married? Any Children? any cool Twin Pranks, etc.,

The four of us were so immersed in conversation, we were oblivious to anything else going on around us. Once our twin reunion wrapped up, there was an awkward moment as we realized all eyes were on the two sets of twins.