Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Twin Sister is a Rock Star

I'm like a proud mom sending off my child to her first day of school. My twin sister just started a new job today and I was so excited for her, I walked her out and sent her off with a bag lunch like she was starting Kindergarten. I had a hard time sleeping last night because I am so relieved she found a new job that will treat her with the respect she deserves. She recently left a position she'd had for nine years. She was given a new supervisor who should have never been in a supervisory role. She was inexperienced, unprofessional and hostile. Instead of being straight forward with my sister about changes she and the Executive team wanted to make to her job, she went about it sideways. She was manipulative, pushy and down right abusive. I would call her a work place bully. It got so bad, my sister was barely able to go into work and was taking all her sick and personal time. She was depressed, had migraines and didn't have that twinkle in her eye anymore. I watched her get progressively more and more depressed and hopeless. Just walking in the front door of the agency was a huge accomplishment for her and it took every ounce of her strength. It became even more difficult to get motivated to go into work after she had the courage to file a HR complaint against the woman. Although Laura made a complaint, the agency was not willing to do anything about it. They told my sister that she had to deal with it anyway. My sister is a woman of great faith and immense integrity. She was clear with HR that  if they wouldn't give her a new supervisor, she would need to resign. In the end, through many difficult days, Laura did resign. It was very risky for her to do as the primary bread winner, but she knew it was something she had to do.
Laura just called me on her first dayfrom the new job. I got tears in my eyes when I asked her how it was going and if she felt good about the new position. She said, "I'm home Linda, this is where God wanted me." Laura trusted all along, from that first day she left as Director of Volunteers at a Human Service Agency. She listened to her gut and had faith in God that it would all work out. Her courage is such an inspiration to me as her identical twin. My sister is a great example of what it means to be a christian with a strong faith. She never wavered; leaving a stable job because she knew she deserved more.  My sister is a rock star to me. After just a few months of being unemployed, she now has a dream job that she earned. She is the new Director of Volunteers for a Senior Housing Agency. She's earning significantly more money, has her own Administrative Assistant, but most importantly, she is being treated the way she should be treated. She is being respected as a professional that's worked in the Human Services Field for many years.
There is no amount of money worth dealing with a work place bully.
My twin sister is a rock star that I greatly admire.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy '50th' Birthday Twin Sister

Here we go again friend's-another birthday for the twins. Not only are we excited to celebrate the day we came into this world, this is the big '50th' birthday. I don't know where time has gone to be honest. I guess time flies when your having fun and I always have a blast with my sister and best friend.
Laura and I have been through many life experiences together which makes us even closer. We lost our mother when we were only nine years old and our father when we were thirty-five. Knowing we always have each other for support makes the ups and downs much easier to handle.
When my sister was going through a difficult divorce, I was right by her side, reminding her things would get better. Laura, a single mother at the time, took me into her home when I was diagnosed with cancer. She never gave it a second thought to be there for me at a very scary time.
I thank God every night that he brought me into this world with a twin sister. I can't imagine how different things would be if I didn't have a built in best friend. She is my confidante that I trust with all my heart. It's a blessing to travel down the uncertain road of life with a twin. Our bond is one that no one can put asunder. It's an unconditional love that we try to role-model to other's.
Happy birthday twin sister! We're not getting older, we're getting better.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Year in Review

What a year 2013 was for my family. It was a year of change and many life lessons.
My twin sister left her job of nine years as a Volunteer Director at a Human Service Agency. The decision to leave was difficult as she loved the mission and her co-workers. A hostile and unprofessional supervisor helped her see it was time to move on and move forward.
After some financial difficulties which included a work furlough, we are now in a foreclosure situation. We'll be doing a short-sale within the next few months. We've been looking for 'homes for rent' that are in our price range.
As a cancer survivor I am grateful to say I continue to be cancer-free. Sadly, I lost too many friends this year in their battle. Two neighbors in my culdesac passed away as well as a friend who joined me in the "Relay for Life" walk just a year before. I am a grateful survivor but also miss my dear ones that lost the fight.
Sis and I finally bought a second family car. Not only are we grateful for the extra car, it's a convertible that brings us lots of joy. Our puppy Spooky had her first ride in the car and learned the hard way not to jump out when the top is down. She is fine but will be safely restrained in the future.
This is just a little snippet of the past year of my life.  I am reminded every new year how precious life is. I have everything I need: God, Family, Friends and Gratitude for all the Lord has blessed me with.
Happy New Year  and may God Bless you