Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy '50th' Birthday Twin Sister

Here we go again friend's-another birthday for the twins. Not only are we excited to celebrate the day we came into this world, this is the big '50th' birthday. I don't know where time has gone to be honest. I guess time flies when your having fun and I always have a blast with my sister and best friend.
Laura and I have been through many life experiences together which makes us even closer. We lost our mother when we were only nine years old and our father when we were thirty-five. Knowing we always have each other for support makes the ups and downs much easier to handle.
When my sister was going through a difficult divorce, I was right by her side, reminding her things would get better. Laura, a single mother at the time, took me into her home when I was diagnosed with cancer. She never gave it a second thought to be there for me at a very scary time.
I thank God every night that he brought me into this world with a twin sister. I can't imagine how different things would be if I didn't have a built in best friend. She is my confidante that I trust with all my heart. It's a blessing to travel down the uncertain road of life with a twin. Our bond is one that no one can put asunder. It's an unconditional love that we try to role-model to other's.
Happy birthday twin sister! We're not getting older, we're getting better.


  1. Happy Birthday or belated birthday now to you both. Welcome to the fabulous fifties :) xxx

  2. Thanks Susan-we had a blast going out with old friends on Saturday night and then went out again on Sunday night. (the real birthday)-I'm pooped!

  3. Happy birthday to you and your twin. I hope you both had an amazing birthday. How cool that you have each other. Blessings to you!!


  4. Aww, thanks Kathy-so great to see you here. I'm kinda sad I don't see all of you more often. I'm not on face book so I haven't been doing the blog hop since they changed it to only face book people participating. I miss all of you and wish I could still do it :-(
    I can still read your blog entries but miss writing those stories. Anyhoo, Sis and I had a blast on our birthday weekend. We used our birthday for all it was worth and had fun Fri through Sunday.

  5. well happy belated birthday to you both...i turn 40 here ina couple months so i am working on catching up...ha...pretty cool to be able to share this life...this day...

  6. Thanks for coming by Brian-turning '40' is great and so is '50'. Hope your 40th is great!