Sunday, January 6, 2013

Year in Review

What a year 2013 was for my family. It was a year of change and many life lessons.
My twin sister left her job of nine years as a Volunteer Director at a Human Service Agency. The decision to leave was difficult as she loved the mission and her co-workers. A hostile and unprofessional supervisor helped her see it was time to move on and move forward.
After some financial difficulties which included a work furlough, we are now in a foreclosure situation. We'll be doing a short-sale within the next few months. We've been looking for 'homes for rent' that are in our price range.
As a cancer survivor I am grateful to say I continue to be cancer-free. Sadly, I lost too many friends this year in their battle. Two neighbors in my culdesac passed away as well as a friend who joined me in the "Relay for Life" walk just a year before. I am a grateful survivor but also miss my dear ones that lost the fight.
Sis and I finally bought a second family car. Not only are we grateful for the extra car, it's a convertible that brings us lots of joy. Our puppy Spooky had her first ride in the car and learned the hard way not to jump out when the top is down. She is fine but will be safely restrained in the future.
This is just a little snippet of the past year of my life.  I am reminded every new year how precious life is. I have everything I need: God, Family, Friends and Gratitude for all the Lord has blessed me with.
Happy New Year  and may God Bless you

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  1. it is good to feel blessed like that...smiles...and congrats on being a survivor as well...cancer has touched quite a few in my family...

    was cool to see your response over at dverse today as well...