Friday, May 22, 2015

My Twin Sister Represents Ebenezer Homes on Television Series | Comcast Newsmakers

I can't begin to express how proud I am of my twin sister and her many professional and personal
She currently works as Volunteer Director for Ebenezer Senior Housing but has held this position for the last eleven years. She's also a well polished speaker, talented writer, photographer, et cetera. Her latest endeavor was a recent television debut on Comcast Newsmakers. This television segment features leaders in the professional community who talk about their cause and mission.

It was a very exciting day for my twin sister- When she arrived, they whisked her to a back room (dubbed the spa room) where they applied make-up and styled her hair. She felt like a movie star with the pampering and special treatment she received.

Even as a well polished speaker, she admits to being a little nervous. Lights and camera's baiting her as she spoke about her passion for her work.

I tell my sister as often as I can, that she makes me proud every day! Personally and professionally! Please check out the link to her interview with Comcast Newsmakers, with Kevyn Burger.

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