Sunday, March 23, 2014

Getting together with the old Gang was a Love-Fest

My old Friend Steve Stewart -Keyboard Player for the current "Sweet" Band

It's a night I will never forget and forever cherish. My dear friend Steve- pictured on the right, came into town recently to perform at a local music venue. Steve plays keyboards and sings back-up vocals for the 70's band, "Sweet."

Who is the "Sweet" band?

If your scratching your head saying, "the Sweet band sounds so familiar," allow me to refresh your memory. The "Sweet" was a  British Rock band that formed in 1968. They rose to worldwide fame in the 1970's and had several hits. Some of their well known songs were: Ballroom Blitz, Fox on the Run, Little Willy, and Love is Like Oxygen.

Early on, the "Sweet" played mostly glam rock and pop music. Later in their career they would be known more for their hard rock and heavy metal music.

This is the "Sweet" at the height of their career in the mid 1970's. Clockwise from top left: Steve Priest, Brian Connolly, Mick Tucker, and Andy Scott.
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Since the mid 1980's, the group has had different versions of the "Sweet" Band. Currently, the two surviving members of the original group are Steve Priest and Andy Scott. Scott's revised band plays throughout the UK, and Priest's band plays in the U.S. My friend Steve (called Stevie to avoid confusion) plays keyboards for Steve Priest's U.S. band.

Photo's of the old Gang

Dean, Steve and Dave-Original members of 'Bacchus'Band from Mound, Minnesota 
The three men pictured above, were some of the original members of a popular local band called 'Bacchus' in the late 70's-early 80's.  A deep void was felt by all of us that night with the passing of my brother David in 2002. David was a talented singer and guitarist for 'Bacchus.'  We know he was there in spirit to see his best friend Steve, perform with the "Sweet."

Debbie C, Linda R, Dean W, Steve S, Michele R, Dave L, Laura R

Laura R, Steve S, Linda R

Stevie (from the 'Sweet' band) playing his keyboards at Medina Ballroom

It was a blessing that our dear friend Steve came into town. It was a great opportunity for old friends to get together and talk about old times. There were a lot of laughs, many old stories, and a great amount of love and healing. I will never forget it.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Touching St. Patrick's Day Tale

There once was a girl named Linda Lou. She was born with a hole in her heart and would eventually have open heart surgery, but she didn't let that bring her down.  She had a identical twin sister, Laura Lee,  that always made her smile and get her through the hard times. After she had open heart surgery, her loving sister had a big party for her in the cafeteria at school. Linda Lou could not believe how many presents she received, or all the friends that seemed to care about her.

Linda Lou lost her mother when she was only nine years old. She couldn't have made it through the terrible pain and anguish if it weren't for her identical twin-Laura Lee. Both Linda Lou and Laura Lee were scared to turn '39' for fear of dying at the same age as their mother. Thankfully, they had each other to get through the days and years ahead.

When Linda Lou turned 39, she tragically lost her brother David at the young age of 40 from an overdose of drugs and alcohol. He lived one year more than his dear mother. At the same time, Linda Lou's twin sister filed for divorce from a very abusive and controlling man. It was scary for her because he told lots of lies to her friends and family and tried to get people to go against her. Thankfully, Laura Lee had Linda Lou to lean on. They had made it through difficult times in the past and would make it through this painful chapter in life too.

Linda Lou and Laura Lee were thrilled when they made 39 and 40 because of the death of their mother and brother at these respective ages. They were now breathing easier and living happier than ever before. Why not, they had dodged the curse of dying young.  Linda Lou and Laura Lee had a new skip in their step and looked to the future with great optimism and hope.

Sadly, One month after Linda Lou and Laura Lee turned 41,  Linda Lou was diagnosed with the dreadful disease of lung cancer, even though she had never been a smoker. It was the scariest time in the twins' life because they both loved each other so much that neither of them could imagine living life without the other. The doctor's gave Linda Lou a 20-25% chance of surviving five years from this disease. The hospital chaplain even paid Linda Lou a visit and said a prayer with her. Linda Lou and Laura Lee cried a lot and prayed for God's mercy to save her from this demise and the curse of dying young that had so plagued their family. Laura Lee asked Linda Lou to move in with her and her two children so they could take good care of her and give her lots of love to make her better.

Laura Lee had a big party for Linda Lou on her five year mile-stone of being cancer-free. She invited all Linda Lou's best friends for appetizers at the house and rented a big, black limousine to bring them to all the local haunts to celebrate the big day. Linda Lou and her friends danced, sang karaoke and celebrated late into the night. It was a night Linda will never forget as long as she lives. 

Happily, Linda Lou beat the odds and has made it well past the five year statistical marker of survival. If you want to find her, she will be out celebrating her ten year cancer free anniversary with her best friend, Laura Lee. Because Linda Lou had the cancer removed on St. Patrick's Day in 2004, she will be eating corn beef and cabbage, doing the Irish Jig and Singing Irish songs today. Oh, and she will be telling all the world how grateful she is to be alive and how the love of her best friend and twin sister, Laura Lee, made all the difference for her. The love and support Laura and Laura's two kids showered her with, gave Linda the hope and motivation to get through the scary times and worrisome cat scans. 

Thank you Laura Lee for loving me and always being there when I need you. You and I were meant to be put on this earth together.
You are my heart and soul twinner.
Love LindaEmoji