Sunday, March 23, 2014

Getting together with the old Gang was a Love-Fest

My old Friend Steve Stewart -Keyboard Player for the current "Sweet" Band

It's a night I will never forget and forever cherish. My dear friend Steve- pictured on the right, came into town recently to perform at a local music venue. Steve plays keyboards and sings back-up vocals for the 70's band, "Sweet."

Who is the "Sweet" band?

If your scratching your head saying, "the Sweet band sounds so familiar," allow me to refresh your memory. The "Sweet" was a  British Rock band that formed in 1968. They rose to worldwide fame in the 1970's and had several hits. Some of their well known songs were: Ballroom Blitz, Fox on the Run, Little Willy, and Love is Like Oxygen.

Early on, the "Sweet" played mostly glam rock and pop music. Later in their career they would be known more for their hard rock and heavy metal music.

This is the "Sweet" at the height of their career in the mid 1970's. Clockwise from top left: Steve Priest, Brian Connolly, Mick Tucker, and Andy Scott.
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Since the mid 1980's, the group has had different versions of the "Sweet" Band. Currently, the two surviving members of the original group are Steve Priest and Andy Scott. Scott's revised band plays throughout the UK, and Priest's band plays in the U.S. My friend Steve (called Stevie to avoid confusion) plays keyboards for Steve Priest's U.S. band.

Photo's of the old Gang

Dean, Steve and Dave-Original members of 'Bacchus'Band from Mound, Minnesota 
The three men pictured above, were some of the original members of a popular local band called 'Bacchus' in the late 70's-early 80's.  A deep void was felt by all of us that night with the passing of my brother David in 2002. David was a talented singer and guitarist for 'Bacchus.'  We know he was there in spirit to see his best friend Steve, perform with the "Sweet."

Debbie C, Linda R, Dean W, Steve S, Michele R, Dave L, Laura R

Laura R, Steve S, Linda R

Stevie (from the 'Sweet' band) playing his keyboards at Medina Ballroom

It was a blessing that our dear friend Steve came into town. It was a great opportunity for old friends to get together and talk about old times. There were a lot of laughs, many old stories, and a great amount of love and healing. I will never forget it.


  1. What a fun night!! I love when I am able to reconnect with friends!!

  2. It was so amazing Jenn and the music was great. It's fun having such talented musician friends. I hadn't danced in a long time until that night. BTW-congrats on your weight loss and health and wellness regime. You look fantastic girl!

  3. oh wow...sounds like fun...i love live music, so it would have been a treat to hear....and any reason to get together with friends is a wonderful thing indeed....smiles...hope you are doing well linda.

  4. Nice to see you Brian. It was a incredible reunion with friends. I had so much fun that night and hadn't realized all the great songs that 'Sweet' played that I recognized. I especially loved the song 'Love is like Oxygen'. A night to remember I tell yu :-)

  5. Linda,

    I instantly "connected" with this post! Thank you for sharing such a fantastic event.

    I remember Sweet's hits and still love their songs from way back when, although I'm not familiar with their newer music.

    Really happy you were all able to spend some time together for a band-stand reunion with such cool and beautifully talented friends!