Monday, January 27, 2014

Why Minnesotan's are Ready for Spring

Blizzard Conditions in Minnesota

Yes, you are seeing right. Wind Chills in Minnesota will be as cold as -40 below

Schools in Minnesota are closed for the 4th time this year

This has been a crazy winter in Minnesota. This is the fourth time school's have been cancelled due to the frigid, dangerous, cold temperatures. It looks like schools will be closed again tomorrow as well.  With this difficult weather comes a lot of frustration. Parent's have to figure out child care with their children staying home. In most cases, one parent has to stay home from work which means using vacation time or personal time. With this crazy winter weather, the time off is starting to really rack up.

As I write this, my sister and I are stuck in our home because we can't get the car up the steep driveway. Our snow plow man wouldn't even come out in this weather to clear  the snow. He said it made no sense to come plow in these blizzard conditions while the snow is blowing all over.  He'll come over when things calm down a bit.

My poor dogs are having a hard time making it outside long enough to do their duty. We run out, get it done and run back in. Usually the dogs are picking up one of their paws as they relieve themselves. It's so sad.

We are all suffering from cabin fever from being stuck in the house. It's important to think of things to do to keep from getting really down and depressed.Whether it's the pets or the people, we are sick and tired of this long winter.

Now you understand why we hardy Minnesotan's are ready for spring. What I wouldn't do to be sitting on a tropical beach, sipping a refreshing cocktail with the warm sun on my face and the sound of ocean waves hitting the shore. I can only dream for now.


  1. ha. hopefully spring will be here soon enough, you know....its been a crazy winter....the while polar vortex is new on me....i dont remember it before but its all part of our changing world...and its a cold one in winter....was warm enough we just got flooding today instead of snow...still its cold wet....

  2. Hi Brian-It's been a crazy winter all over the world. whether it's snow, floods, etc... it seems everyone is having a tough time. I can't tell you how bad I want spring to come. I'll be driving with the top down in the old rag top, singing and being grateful for the warmer weather. BTW-love your new profile pic-very handsome my friend :-)

  3. Sounds like the crazy crap we have dealt with here in northern Indiana. The kids have been out of school more than they have been there and already the end of school has been delayed another week so they can make it up. February has barely started and already I am getting sick of dealing with blowing snow. So cold!! ♥

  4. Isn't this just crazy Kathy. I never remember school's closing due to cold when we were kids. From what I am hearing, it's been a hard winter for most of the U.S. Just keep thinkin spring. We'll get there eventually :-)