Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swamp Secrets

Although you're a magical dwelling

With countless wonders to behold

Some only see with blinded eyes

Never finding secret treasures you hold

Some consumed with a damp dark world

Discerning eyes see past this outer disguise

Your vast array of world within world

Remain forever absent from naive eyes

Your majestic fortress of dead and alive

include bird, frog, insect, moss and tree

the list of blessings never cease to amaze

and you humbly offer it to us for free

The rythmic sounds of croaking toads...

The sad love song of the whippoorwill ...

The unique smells of your sanctuary...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Make me yearn to be part of you

The gentle breeze through my window

whispers softly, "believe in me"

Lightly caressing my cheek

                                            Like the comforting touch of a Mother's hand

Others may see you as just a Swamp

But you are my heaven behind the house

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