Friday, May 14, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast

Ellie(middle)and her buddies

As an auntie of eleven children, I can tell you that they grow up so fast.  Don't take one minute for granted as you watch them grow into young adults.  I have been through many life stages with my siblings children and treasure every moment.

I have told you in previous posts that I currently live with my twin sister and her two children, Ellie(12) and Jacob(13).  My twinner has had both kids in a Catholic School from kindergarten to sixth grade.  Jacob is now in middle school for his second year (Big 8th grader) and Ellie is in her last year of grade school at Holy Name.  It seems like yesterday that these two kids were just little babies.  Anyway, last night I attended Ellie's final choir concert as a student at Holy Name.  It was the annual spring concert that Laura and I have gone to for the past nine years.  We both felt very emotional about the evening because we were very conscious of the fact that we were living through another big mile-stone with one of her children.  We stared in awe at these grown up people that recently looked so young and small.  Weren't they just little kindergarteners?

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