Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women out there.  Moms, Aunties, daughters, grandmothers and sisters, you are all very important to our children.

It was a beautiful Mother's Day over here.  Laura cooked a turkey and made my dad's famous stuffing and gravy from the turkey drippings.  I made my favorite cucumber salad which is a mix of cukes, onions, mayo, white and apple cider vinegar and a dash of sugar.  We also had the traditional cranberries to round out the meal.  Ellie worked so hard making two pies, pumpkin and cherry.  It took her about an hour to roll out the dough, but it was worth her time.  The pies turned out great!!  She also whipped up homemade mashed potatoes in the mixer she and her brother got for Laura a few years ago.  What a great meal we had.  None of us ate all day so we would be starving for dinner.

Jacob and Ellie spoiled Laura and I as you can see from the pictures.  We received flowers and many heartfelt cards, including one that was HUGE!!  This is such a fun age with the kids because their old enough to understand the true meaning behind Mother's Day.  They gave us the cards one by one, pretending they only had one.  One of the kids would leave the room and come back with another card.  Eventually we ended up with three cards, a target gift card and hand written coupons that said, "five of whatever you want, valid through forever and ever."  How cute is that coming from a twelve and thirteen year old!  Of course Laura and I immediately asked the kids for a back massage and they happily gave us one.  We each have four freebies left.  Hmmm?? What should it be?? 

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