Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life is Such a Blessing

Today as I sit at Caribou Coffee relaxing and reflecting, I am welled up with gratitude for so many things.  The last six years of my life have been a journey of fear and faith, sadness and hope, death and life.  What has gotten me through the trials and tribulations are faith and family. 

It often takes a life threatening disease or other tragedy to see what really matters in our lives.  What matters most to me at this point in my life is enjoying each moment God gives me and truly loving the people in my life.  Also, giving and connecting to others without expectation.  You get back three-fold when you open yourself up to people and this is what makes life joyous and worth living. 

I am now six years cancer-free this past March.  I am so grateful for my health.  Laura (my twin sister)and I just received more good news this past week.  We will be able to keep our home that we love so dearly.  We went into foreclosure two years ago when we knew we could no longer keep up with our huge mortgage payment.  After two long years working with the bank, we now have a mortgage payment that is affordable.  Laura's children can now stay in the home they have come to know and love most of their childhood. 

Speaking of blessings, I made my first trip of the season to the local Farmers Market in Minneapolis.  I have a schedule of traditional stops when I go to the market.  First I have to go to the roasted corn stand and down a piece or two of corn, slathered in butter.  Then I'm on my way to many differen't fruit, flower and vegetable stands which are located throughout the farmers market property.  On the way out I usually stop and look at the arts, crafts and clothing vendors.  Some days I convince myself that I really deserve a quick chair massage.  A dollar a minute, but it's worth it.  Today my last stop on the way out was the french fry stand.  I know, I told all my blogger friends that I am trying to cut out junk food.  Sometime you just have to say YES to Unhealthy food.  My rationale for my nummy food choices:  My first trip to my favorite Outdoor Farmers Market and I am set with healthy veggies to keep me on track. (Ya- right Linda)

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