Friday, May 7, 2010

Lunch and Play Day with My Buddy

What a rainy, cold, dreary day here in Minnesota.  It's hard to believe that just three days ago (Tuesday) it was sunny and warm. 

I have told you in past postings that we have a great neighborhood here in Minnetonka.  All the neighbors know eachother and our kids all play together and have a great time.  On Tuesday while walking my dog Joey, I heard a scream coming from the neighbors place.  It was my little buddy Bridgette who is the youngest of six children.  She yelled, "mom, I see Linda, I'll be right back."   Like classic Bridgett, she came out skipping and smiling and had to tell me all about her trip to Disney World.  Soon Bridgett's mom came outside and handed me a gift that they had picked out for us while on vacation.  We watch Strawberry, the family fish when their out of town and they thoughtfully bring us a little trinket to thank us.  Anyway, Marsha explained to me that she was busy cleaning and unpacking from the trip and had relatives coming later from out of town.  I know how it is when your trying to get things done and are trying to beat the clock.  I asked Marsha if my buddy Bridgette could come join me for lunch.  We had such a wonderful time.  She picked out macaroni and cheese for lunch and must have told me ten times that it was the Best Macaroni and Cheese she ever had!  She got equally excited when I told her that I had a special treat for her if she ate a good lunch.  She told me to keep it a secret until it was time for dessert.  She let out a squeal when I brought out the Rice Crispy Bar treat.  After lunch we played with my two dogs and then walked to two garage sales in our neighborhood.  We ended our lovely day lounging in the warm sun. 

It is so refreshing to see life through the eyes of a child.  Everything is so new and exciting.  Kids can teach us so Much!!!  Live life as if your a child, seeing God's beauty and wonder for the first time.  Living in the moment is something that little Bridgette reminds me of every time I see her.

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