Monday, March 8, 2010

"Oops, I guess I got a little side tracked

Hi blogger friends-I hope everyone is having a Great day! If your anything like me, you have major spring fever after this Long, Long, winter.  Every year since I can remember, I seem to come back to life in the spring. I get more energy, my overall attitude improves and I want to play again and get out of the house.
I promised my twin sister Laura as she left for work today, that I would clean up all the doggie doo doo in the yard now that the snow is melting, but I got a little side tracked.
My intentions were good regarding keeping my promise but it was soo mild out and I love that "spring smell". Do you know what I mean? It almost smells like fresh hay or something.  Anyway, instead of doing the yard project, I did what I love to do when I am suffering from "spring fever".  I jumped in my car, cranked up the radio and put the front windows half way down.  I was on my way to a spontaneous adventure.
I began the adventure by meeting my sis for lunch at Olive Garden.  I really enjoy getting the (all-you-can-eat) salad. Those soft, warm breadsticks go so well with this entree.  I say my goodbyes to Laura and I am off. HMMM? What's next on my agenda? Well, lunch was a little salty, so icecream would be good right about now, so I pull into Leann Chinns' for my favorite yogurt icecream. You can choose from a variety of toppings and I decided to skip the candy toppings and go for the fresh raspberries.  It was sooo good!! I was really planning on going home now, but wait, what does that sign say? Massage? I could really use one.  I had never been here before, but hey, we're on an adventure. I knew this would be good when I looked at her inviting business card.  It read: "Life Changing Massage".  Her name also intrigued me: Aspira Dzuro. During the initial consultation and introductions, I learned that Aspira and I had something in common.  She is also a twin which immediately made me feel more relaxed.  I received one of the best massages I have ever had in my life and that's saying a lot as I am a long time veteran of massage. Oh, and by the way, the sign that grabbed my attention as I drove by, read:  "first time customers get special price of $39.00 for one full hour".  You can't beat that price for an incredible full-body massage from a masseus that has been in the business for twenty-six years.  Her business card was right, it was life changing. "Thank you Aspira".
Aspira mentioned to me that there was a cute little boutique downstairs called Bellaluna, so as soon as I got dressed, down I went. Talk about a charming little store. The name of it tells you it's going to be fun and magical. On the business card it reads, "Gifts for the Spirit". They carry items like crystal necklaces, jade earrings, incense, antique lamps and a lot of other really unique, gifty type items.  I had a great time looking around the store, but even better than perusing, was meeting the friendly boutique owner, Gail Melynie.  She has a warm, welcoming personality that makes it hard to leave the store. She's great at telling true life, spiritual, ghost stories. She had me at H-E-L-L-O.  I plan to blog about one of her many interesting experiences in my next post, so stand by for a very touching tear jerker. I ended up spending about thirty minutes at Bellaluna chatting with Gail. What a Great day I had, and all because of "Spring Fever".  I hope Laura won't be too upset about the yard.  I'll do it tomorrow.

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