Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Dog Has Issues

Ok, so my sister Laura, the kids and I recently rescued the cutest little puppy you have ever seen.  We adopted her on November 14, 2009.  She is a Black Lab, Border Collie mix.  Some people believe she also has some Chesapeke in her as evidenced by her wavy black hair. 
Anyway, my niece Ellie had been pleading with Laura and I to have a dog she could call her own.  We already have Joey the dog,  our eight year old Black Lab mix who we all love very much.  At the time we rescued Joey from the animal shelter, Laura was going through a tough divorce which was really hard on the kids and  I.  Soon after,  I was diagnosed with lung cancer, so things were pretty serious around here.  Adopting Joey was the best thing we could have done to open our hearts.  We call him our angel because he really did Save us more than we saved him.  All four of us knew Joey was meant for us and we were meant for him.  He is just plain and simple, part of the family.

So back to Spooky, our newest member of the family.  She is soft, cuddly and loves to kiss you and anything else she see's around her, but as we all learned,  even cute little puppies can have issues.  I noticed when bringing her out to do her duty that she was looking for something.  Every time I brought her out to the bathroom, she was scoping something out.  Eventually she would get it in her mouth and I would just take the unknown item and launch it across the yard.  My guess was that it was a rock or a big piece of ice.

One day when going through the same routine:  She does her duty and then finds that special treasure to put in her mouth.  I finally decide to put the mystery to an end and look at the gem that spooky has unearthed.  To my horror, there in my hands (glad I had mittens on) lay a piece of Frozen Poop.  All this time I was letting Spooky eat her own poop. 

I have talked to friends and other bloggers about my puppies issue and learned that this is fairly common with girl dogs.  I guess they like having things nice and tidy in their own space, thus eating their poop.  After the family got over the initial shock of what she had been eating ever since her adoption, we started getting more of a sense of humor about it.  We now coin Spooky's little treasures as Poopsicles.  I guess we'll have to come up with another term now that spring is coming.

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