Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ellie my neice wants to write on my blog, so here goes: ( Whats up world!) says Ellie

Hey, whats up world! I dont know what to say so i'll ramble. Sorry if I misspell, im only a child(she says innocently.)  Im 12 and everyone always asks me "Ellie, what is it like to be in the life of a teen age girl." After, I always think to my self "I am not a teen!" and people always say that after I act out so it's kinda a nice way of saying hey little brat, when I was your age, no one acted like you. After I get cooled off, I realized that.   To me it's nothing special (being 12) cause well, I know what it's like, but I dont usualy ponder the thought.
So now I'll tell you grown-ups what it's like.(grown-up was one of last weeks spelling words! My teacher will be so proud.) Any way i'm just like any other 12  year old, I go to school sometimes. just kidding, I go to school, eat lunch, breakfast and dinner, I text or txt, watch tv while eating a bag of potato chips(talk about hard to do while my dog is jumping all over me trying to eat my snack.) I play basketball, ping pong, (which is very intense in my family) and tennis. I dident say I was good at it though.

So before I stop typing, i'll tell you what it's like to live with my mom and aunt, or the clones. As you know, they are twins. I swear they are telepathic because they finish eachothers sentences and can feel when the other is in trouble. All my friends are like, "How the heck do you tell them apart?" I'll be like, it's easy for me. To me its like comparing an apple pie to a pumpkin pie.  Mmmmmm pie.......well back to the subject. They are so much alike but after living with them, it's easy to tell them apart. I love it over here, its like a circus. By that I mean, it's awesome. I never get bored living with them.

 I'm going to go be productive with my day- bye!(by productive I mean eat potato chips and watch tv).  BTW, please comment- It'll mean so much to me(she says cutely if thats even a word)but really comment! pleaze

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