Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Linda and Laura have the same dream, Simultaneously

The Shared Dream...
Dream Catcher

One of the most mysterious twin experiences to date...A mothers recollection...

 Mom tucked us into bed like she did every night.  "Sleep tight Linda and Laura and don't let the bed bugs bite."  This night the five year old twin sisters would enter a world that was somewhere beyond sleeping, waking and dreaming and they would enter it together.  How could this be? Laura and I had shared a similar dream before this encounter, but this would be the first time we would have the same dream, simultaneously.   
 Later that evening as mother layed in her bed next door to us, she began hearing noises and whisperings that she could not place.  After about fifteen minutes of trying to convince herself that the night noise would eventually calm, she could no longer ignore the goings on outside her room.  She nervously walked to our bedroom and opened the door.  What mom witnessed that night was something she Never thought possible.  She stood in our doorway and became an onlooker into our  mystical nightly journey into dream- land.
Laura and I were both searching for something we had lost.  Laura was looking under her bed and I was looking under mine.  What had we lost?  How could we both be having the same dream simultaneouly?  Mom had seen some inexplicable twin behavior between Laura and I before, due to our uncanny connection, but this event actually rattled her.  After quietly observing Laura and I babble with one another as we searched for some unknown, lost item, she eventually knew it was time to end our evening escapade.  She softly murmured, "Linda and Laura, I found it, go back to bed now."  Like nothing out of the ordinary had happened, we both stopped the incomprehensible chatter and curious searching and went back to bed.  Till this day, I still wonder what it was we both lost in that dream...

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