Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Waiting is the Hardest Part...

Emotions race up and down
like a crazy roller coaster ride

This week of waiting~hard...
leaves body and soul feeling fried

Trying to find ways
to forget about the fear

Prays to her dear Lord
"keep it at bay," ~wipes a tear

Every cough, wheeze or cold
creates visions of darkest doom

Even after nine years clean
swallowed in a cloud of gloom

We can do this...
just two more days

of walking around
in a zombie-like haze

I have too much to do
too much to say...

To let this disease
take it all away

I am loved and needed
people count on me

That's the hardest part
of this cancer  j o u r -n e y

I'll walk into that office
with head held high

Hoping results show...
it's not time to die

Written for dVerse Poets
Open Link Night~#96



  1. oh.


    that kinda waiting is hard. and the fear for sure. praying peace for you. and good news.

  2. You're in my thoughts with positive vibes coming your way.

  3. Thanks Brian~I'll take that hug. I go in Thursday morning to meet w/ the oncologist. I'm sure all is well but it doesn't make this week any easier.

  4. Thanks Susan~I can feel the positive vibes and thank you for it. This is always a hard week for me and my family. I tend to be very jumpy and crabby. Too many worried thoughts whirling around in my head.

  5. Brave and heartfelt work Linda - it lifted and reminded me of what's important. Any strength I have is here for you... With Best Wishes Scott www.scotthastie.com

  6. Thanks so much scott~thanks for that strength, it really worked. I was the calmest I've ever been when I went to meet with my oncologist for the results. It really helps me write about and get support from caring people like you. I'll be posting how it went but a sneak peak: all is well :-)

  7. Hi Linda, I read the introduction on your profile before reading this post. I hope the results you are waiting for are just the routine check up for a cancer survivor. I hope and pray it will all be fine. I'm glad to connect with you :)

  8. Aww, great to see you here Nikky. My scan showed two spots but they believe it's just my allergies again. I get spots every other scan it seems. Learning to 'Let go' and 'Let God.'I'm gonna go see if you have gotten on your blog this week. Thanks so much for coming by-