Wednesday, May 8, 2013


You wandered in
and caught my eye

Ordered a Mocha
from the Caribou guy

Jet black hair
with eyes of blue

Made my heart
skip a beat or two

Faded blue jeans
tight t-shirt

Couldn't help myself
and wanted to flirt

How can I meet him?
my plan was in store

I carefully placed
a pen on the floor

When the time was right
to make him my own

I turned off my lap top
and grabbed my fresh scone

Made my way to his table
with plan of mishap

I tripped on the pen
and fell in his lap

The rest of my story

'is history' as they say

Been married for years

and in love till this day

Written for dVerse Poets: Open Link Night


  1. Linda, this is very sweet.. a tale to make one happy, I always expect disaster at the end so this was just Hollywood happy - ;-)

  2. haha..this is so good...what a clever plan..and so very sweet...and sound like you never regretted it..smiles

  3. A clever plan turns into a wonderful love story !! This is very sweet indeed and I've always been a sucker for happy endings, Well Done !!

  4. ha. fun piece....and hey whatever it takes eh? smiles...i love love stories with happy endings...guess i am a hopeful romantic...

  5. enjoyed reading this today of all days -- my wedding anniversary!

  6. I love the plan and it works beautifully, until today ~ Cheers to both of you ~

  7. LOL~glad you liked the good ending Bjorn. I know what you mean by too many bad endings.

  8. Hee Hee~Glad you liked my poem on being tricky to meet a lover. Just FYI: this was fiction but incredibly fun to write.

  9. Aww, thanks CloudFactor~glad you liked my happy poem on finding love. It was fun to write. I actually had a whole different idea when I wrote this, but you know how writing story took a different turn.

  10. Hi Brian~I think most writers are hopeless romantics. That's why are stories/poems are so good, right??? LOL

  11. HisFireFly~Happy Anniversary-I hope you enjoyed a romantic evening with your wife. That just made my day :-)thanks so much for coming by.

  12. Heaven~glad you liked my poem on a woman finding love at a coffee shop. This woman was not me but it was sure fun to write...