Monday, May 13, 2013

Reflections of a Beautiful Mother's Day

What a perfect Mother's Day for my sister and I. This year we decided to 'really do' what we wanted to do. It's easy to fall into doing things the kids want to do, out of habit. For example, cooking a family favorite meal for the kids or going out to eat where they want to go. This year we stuck to our guns and did exactly what we wanted.

Our first stop was at a local grocery store/gas station~ for a coffee or soda pop. Next we headed out to the Farmers Market in Minneapolis. There is something so exciting about walking around the grounds and taking in all the sights, sounds and scores of people. At the Market~ we shopped, ate, people watched, and I even danced to a live musician. The talented singer and guitarist was singing Bob Marley tunes and I just couldn't help myself. Our favorite food stops include:  Deep Fried French Fries, Roasted Corn, Brats and Grilled Tortilla's~ topped with favorite sauces from the taco bar.

Next we drove to the 'West End' area which is a fancy block with upscale stores and restaurants. We did a little shopping and then stopped to have a bite at a Mexican Restaurant.

When we arrived home we all sat outside on lawn chairs. The weather was a perfect mild 68 degree's which is dreamy for us Minnesotan's. The kids pulled out two cards: one for Mom and one for me, Auntie Mom. I read my card out loud first, then sis read hers. Talk about touching cards that got us all choked up. As if the beautiful cards weren't enough, now the kids handed us a pretty pink flowered 'Bath and Body Works' gift bag. It was filled with a peach candle, great smelling body lotions and body sprays.

It was a special Mother's Day for my sister and I because we did what we wanted most: We spent quality time with the kids. What a blessing it has been to help raise my sister's two children these past nine years. They have been some of the best years of my life.
Farmers Market
Hot Caramel @ Cinnamon Rolls
My niece on left w/best friend
My Handsome Nephew~ taken @ Prom

Sis getting Roasted Corn


  1. Linda,
    You are such a blessing to the kids and I. I thank God each day that you are clear of the big "C" I don't want to give that word power, and that you helped me raise my two amazing kids. oxoxoxox

  2. Aww, thanks sis. These past years have been heaven for me. I know I'm cancer-free because of all the love and support you and the kids give me. I love you sooo much!! xxxxoooo

  3. It's heartwarming to see the love and connection between sisters. My dream was to have twins as my only childhood friend was my imaginary twin sister :)