Sunday, May 26, 2013

Twin Prank on my Old Boyfriend

This weekend I'm on vacation for the Memorial Holiday. Every year my sister and I and her two kids stay at a resort in Northern Wisconsin. It's a trip we look forward to all year long.

Last night we went to a restaurant that we've been going to for many years here. We bumped into my ex-boyfriend's mom and dad and started chatting.  I instantly had butterflies in my stomach, wondering if my ex would soon walk in.  A few moments later his mom said, "Ryan is on his way here, he should be walking in any minute." I put on a a big smile and said, "great, it will be so nice to see him." Like a school girl I whispered to my sister, "I'm so nervous, even after all these years."

Ryan and I met each other at this very restaurant about fifteen years ago. The Beechmoor was just a block away from my sister and her now~ ex-husband's cabin. The break up between Ryan and I was mutual but not easy. We were very attracted to each other and had a lot of fun, but it wasn't enough to make up for the big differences. Through the years I've never forgotten him~ and knew someday I'd eventually bump into him here where his parents have a cabin.

Be it my nerves mixed with a few beers~ and you have twin sisters hatching a plan for the reunion. We thought it might be fun to pretend Laura was me when he showed up. My heart started beating fast when I saw him walk in the front door. He headed right over to his parents~ just across from sis and I. Once Ryan's parents told him sis and I were there, he came right over. Laura immediately says, "It's been a while~ so just a reminder, I'm Linda and that's Laura," "I know your Linda, I dated you, how could I not remember that." I started feeling guilty right away. "She's just kidding, I'm Linda and that's Laura," I said.  It went back and forth with Laura continuing to say she was me, and me trying to convince him that I was really Linda."

 The plan to trick Ryan ended up snowballing because I wimped out. The minute I saw that handsome face, I just didn't have the heart to play out the rouse, which in turn backfired and became a bigger prank. The poor guy looked so confused by the time we wrapped up the conversation. I plan to make it right next time I bump into him.

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