Friday, September 14, 2012

Twin Sister gets me in a Movie

One of the great things about being a twin is the great experiences we have together. We always have each other's back and are usually up for a good adventure. This is a story about how my sister made sure to get me in a shot in a made for t.v. movie called, "The comeback" starring Robert Urich and Chynna Phillips.

My sister and I heard about a movie that was going to be filmed in our own town. They were looking for extra's for two scenes. As extra's, we'd not only meet some stars, we'd make a little money while having a great time. How can you go wrong when your in your twenties and making money like this.

One of the scenes took place at a night club in downtown Minneapolis, and the other was set at a nearby bank. We dressed in fancy attire at the night club where they filmed us dancing. The club lights were set low to make it appear as night. Dance music played loudly as bright colored disco lights flashed and bounced off the walls and floor. My sister and I ended up dancing right next to Chynna Phillips, who was one of the main characters of the movie. She chatted with us just like any other girl our age. We asked her questions about the movie and she was more than happy to explain what it was all about. Neither one of us ended up getting in this scene but it was a lot of fun.

After we finished several takes at the night club, it was off to the bank a couple blocks away. We were told to dress casual for this part. There were about forty extra's to play the part of bank customers. It wasn't too difficult. They split us into two groups for the shoot. They had one group go upstairs to the second level  that overlooked the lobby. The second group stayed downstairs in the lobby and were told where to stand and what to do. I was put in this second group. I was instructed to stand at a particular bank counter and pretend to fill out a deposit slip.

Right after the first take of filming with me standing at my spot, I heard my sister above me. She tried to be discreet as she whispered and pointed. I finally figured out she was telling me to stand at a different counter. She noticed after the first take that I wouldn't be in the movie if I stayed there. She pointed to where I needed to stand so I'd get in the movie. I was feeling nervous and wondered if they would notice I wasn't where they told me to be. I took the chance in the name of stardom and stood where sis instructed, for the next several takes.

We knew because of our twin ship, I'd be in the movie. I'd be the girl standing at a bank counter, filling out a deposit slip.

Robert Urich and Chynna Phillips
When the movie came out, we invited a group of buddies over to watch with us. We popped up some popcorn, threw blankets over us and waited for my great debut. Sure enough, when it came to the bank shot, there I was in the background scene with Robert Urich and Chynna Phillips. I got in a movie all because of my sweet sister. She always has my back and I always have hers.


  1. Linda, What a great story. I love reading about you and your twin. Makes me smile and makes my day. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Susan and reading about another twin experience. I'll never forget how nervous I was when I stood in a different place. I thought they may figure it out and give it to me. LOL