Tuesday, September 11, 2012

'Bachelor Pad' finale, ends with a bang

If your a fan of the 'Bachelor Pad', the finale must have blown you away. Watching this show every Monday night is my 'guilty pleasure.' I take a break from thinking and watch a bunch of young adults act like idiots. I never imagined how dramatic and shocking the last episode of season three, would turn out to be.

There were two couples left, with a chance to win a prize of $250.000. Nick and Rachel reigned triumphant after their ex room-mates voted for them. Although they were victorious, there is a catch on 'Bachelor Pad.' The couple is asked to go back stage in separate rooms and make one final vote. Their given two options and must decide on one. They either pick a 'Keep' the money card or 'share' the money card. If both choose share, they divide the $250.000 evenly. If one of them chooses 'keep' and the other chooses 'share, the one who picked 'keep', wins the pot.

FYI: The past two seasons, the contestants both picked the 'share' card and split the money.

Before Rachel showed her vote, she talked about how she and Nick were great partners and how she trusted him to share the money with her. When it came to Nick's turn to talk, you could have heard a pin drop. Nick talked about how rude Rachel was to him, especially since her past romantic flame left the house. He reminded her that she'd almost left the house three times because Michael was gone, which would have sent him packing. He was clear about how she never thought about him or took him seriously, the whole time he was at Bachelor Pad. He said he knew she only paired up with him because he was the only one left. It was obvious he was sick and tired of being told by Rachel and her little friend alliance, that he was lucky to be there, as he was only a 'fan,' not a bachelor alumni. Seriously? who cares why your there. Do you actually think your better than Nick because he was a fan of the show, instead of being on a season of the Bachelorette? When he finished his speech, which was all true, he turned his vote to the audience. There for all to see was Nick's vote: KEEP
I wish you could have seen the faces of the Bachelor Pad crew. They weren't only in shock that he voted to keep the money, they starting spewing rude comments that he didn't 'deserve' to be the winner. Rachel began showing her true colors immediately. She said, "you wouldn't be up here if it wasn't for me." Nick laughed and said, "I played this game myself  until your ex left the show and we had to pair up." The show ended with Rachel chasing him back stage, pointing her finger and yelling expletives at him for taking all the money.

I believe the spoiled and immature Bachelor Pad guests, got what they had coming. They thought they were all that and deserved the winnings more than Nick. They ignored him, gossiped about him when he wasn't around, and used him to their advantage when they needed him. Way to bring them back down to earth Nick. You got the last laugh and played them at their own game which they thought they had mastered and in the hole. BRAVO NICK~ You not only won the $250.000, you made a statement about how ridiculous it was to think they were better than a fan.

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