Saturday, October 6, 2012

YES-Twins Fight

I think many people think that twins mostly get along because of that twin connection. I'm here to say that we are no different than any other relationship. We get along on some days and fight on other days. I believe that the major difference between my twin sister and I, is how quickly we make up.

I will never forget a night back at college. We were hanging out with a group of friends when sis and I had a normal fight. I felt like I was on stage as people looked at us like it was wrong to see twins argue. I think many twins feel this 'on stage' pressure' of thinking we have to act like we always get along.  Just so you know, twins are no different than anyone else. Yes, we have a great and deep connection, but that doesn't change the fact that we fight. I strongly believe that fighting is healthy in any relationship.

I'm going to let you in on a twin trait that confuses singletons. Twins can have a huge fight one minute and hug the next. I'm not sure if this is true with all twins, but my sister and I love each other so much, making up quickly is normal.

I learned very young that people found my sister and I odd for making up quickly.  As I matured, I realized that we were role-models for not only twins, but all types of friendships. I try to to use my unconditional love for my sister as a reminder to everyone. Life is short, God wants us to love each other despite our flaws. I have always believed that my relationship with my twin sister is a Godly model of 'Unconditional Love.'


  1. MTT,

    I'm thrilled to find your blog! I loved the read and shared it as well!

    I'm not a twin, I'm a Gemini, lol. My only "natural' sibling is an Aquarian and we tend to get cross with one another easily, but we do make up as fast as possible.

    We're both Christians, and it's not that I'm an astrology aficionado, I just have this idea that God really did make everything to work together. All those years in medical and funeral service fields cemented it, lol.

    Anyway, love your blog and was thrilled to read your article on the Hub about the new wheels! Congratulations on your new convertible!!!


  2. Great yo ser you on ny blog femme. Sis and I were in the convertible today as it was in the 50's. This is so fun. See you on Hubpages.

  3. HI femme. For some reason it signed me in as my sister. Sorry about that. I am Linda not Laura.

  4. HI femme. For some reason it signed me in as my sister. Sorry about that. I am Linda not Laura.

  5. Hi to you both or whichever of you, it is who gets this post. :)

    Glad to have found you guys here on Blogger. I am a newbie here and still finding my way around.
    I do like the colour scheme. Very individual and customisable.
    Pretty neat.


  6. Hi Michael-tis me-Linda-aka minnetonka twin on Hub Pages-thanks for checking out my blog-I haven't been on for a while. What a nice surprise seeing you-
    Can't wait to see your new blog :-)