Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Great Day for a Cancer Survivor

Some background information
I am in the best mood today. I'm a lung cancer survivor of eight years this coming St. Patrick's Day.  I get cat scans every six months unless they see something that looks suspicious. I have had my share of 'ify' scans that show spots, but thankfully they have always disappeared by the time of my follow-up scan. Not long ago, a scan revealed four spots on my right lung which is the same lung that had a tumor. It was a really scary time for me, to say the least. I prayed, cried and hoped it wasn't the lung cancer coming back. This past June was when I went in for the follow-up scan. It was one of few times I brought my sister with me. We needed to be together to support each other in case we received bad news. We were grateful to learn that all four spots were gone. Sis and I celebrated by doing the 'happy dance' as the great news was announced. My oncologist said since I was almost eight years cancer free, I could choose whether to come back in six months or one year. I chose to come back in six months just to be safe. We agreed that if this scan was clear, I would graduate to yearly scans. 
Had my scan yesterday
I'm always a nervous wreck the week of my cat scans because I never know what it's gonna show. Facing your mortality is one of the things you learn to deal with when your a cancer survivor. As scary as it can be, it also gives you a rare insight into how to live every day to it's fullest. Anyway, I had the scan at 8:20AM yesterday. Afterwards, sis and I went out for breakfast as a courage builder. Knowing I have to wait for two days to see the oncologist with the results, is always a tough thing for me. Basically, I don't sleep much until that appointment is over. I was given such a gift when I heard the phone ring a few hours later. "Hi Linda, this is Nicole from Park Nicollet. Your oncologist knows how worried you get after a scan and asked me to call and let you know that everything looks great." I was so grateful that they decided to give me this call and save me from myself and my thoughts. I thanked her profusely and told her, "you just made my day-God Bless you." I go in tomorrow morning for my appointment with the oncologist, but this time I wont have to go in there scared to death. Because of that call, I will sleep like a baby tonight. I'm sure the biggest message to me will be that I've graduated to yearly scans.  YIPPEE! I am so grateful and  happy.


  1. Congrats on surviving cancer :).

  2. It's nice to know that their is cancer survivors. I am glad that you got great news!

    You should always live life to the fullest! I wish you all the happiness and success. Nice post! Ping Ya

  3. Thanks so much Julia and Tamron for your warm comments. I am such a blessed person.