Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Superwoman Dream

I have always been a big dreamer since I was a young child. Most mornings I can remember at least ten vivid dreams. Let me give you a little peek into my active dream life by sharing one of many, from last night.

Channel Nine News Reporter Dream
Before I begin telling you about my dream, I need to preface it with some information. The last couple of days in Minnesota have been a mixed bag of strange weather. It went back and forth between raining, sleeting and snowing. I am an avid watcher of the local news and have my favorite stations. Most of the time I watch channel nine and the reporters and anchors feel like part of my family. The other day when they were talking about the developing weather storm, they sent one of their reporters out in a car. I felt kind of bad for the guy as he was driving around telling us how dangerous it was getting on the roads.  Enough information, here's my dream:
I'm a roving reporter for Channel nine (hee hee) and driving my car to do a segment about the status of the winter storm that's just begun.  My co-pilot in the passenger seat is none other than Jeff Passolt. Jeff is our local, well known anchor in real life, for channel nine. Anyway, Jeff and I are driving around when we suddenly hit a slick spot in the road. The car becomes air born and I'm thinking, "this isn't good and I don't want Jeff to get hurt." I make a plan in my head that will save my co-worker and myself from impending death. I roll my window down before we make impact. When the car is just ready to land on the road, I put my arms out of the window. I'm obviously hanging upside down and drop my hands to the ground to hold the car up. I'm like Superwoman as I patiently steady the car until Jeff gets out. Once I crawl out, Jeff starts asking me how I managed to have the superhuman strength to bench a car like it was a paper weight . I humbly retort that it must have been the fight or flight reaction of adrenaline. He stares at me; eyes wide with awe and says, "are you in any pain?" I reply, "my arms are a little sore and my back is probably going to kill me later, but other than that, I'm good." Jeff and I, for the most part, come out of the car accident unscathed because I'm like some kind of superhero.


  1. I love it--Superhero Linda to the rescue!! As you know, I am a big dreamer myself. My significant dreams always carry some meaning in the real world. Great share! Jenn

  2. Hi Jenn-Ya, I thought this dream was pretty funny. I must be feeling extra powerful lately. LOL

  3. Thanks for stopping by jhopes. I appreciate you reading about my bizarre dream. Who doesn't want to be a super hero in a dream. LOL