Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to Keep your New Year Resolutions Realistic

Every year as the new year rolls around, we start thinking about what our resolutions will be. Some of us don't bother making changes because we know we wont be able to keep them anyway. Those of us that do decide to make changes, start out with much enthusiasm and confidence that we'll succeed. We start out motivated but eventually the optimism and gung ho attitude, fades into the winter doldrums. Why do so many of us fail with our resolutions?

I've been attemtpting this New Years Resolution thing for quite some time now. I know what has worked for me and what hasn't. Here are some suggestions that may help you avoid giving up on your '2012' resolutions.
  • Set realistic goals-This can help you be more successful
  • If working out and losing weight is on your list, focus on how much healthier you will be instead of focusing on numbers on the scale.
  • Don't tell the world what your resolutions are as I've learned from experience that it creates pressure which can lead to failure which can lead to feeling depressed and embarrassed. Your close friends or family members will likely figure out your resolutions which can hopefully help and not hinder your progress. In short, love yourself enough to know you don't have to tell people as your doing this for yourself.
  • If your cutting out or cutting down on certain foods or sweets, don't be a black and white thinker. It's fine to have a little treat once in awhile and this shouldn't cause you angst or thoughts of giving up. Cutting down on certain foods is a lifesyle change and choosing those foods now and then, means just that. You can cut down without giving it up completely.
  • Pamper yourself as your working on your New Years Resolutions. Maybe a spa day would make you feel good if you have a little extra cash. If your looking for something free and simple, take a nice hot bubble bath. These simple rewards can help motivate you as you accomplish goals during your journey. I try to get a massage once a month because it's something that makes me feel special, relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • If one of your goals is to drink more water, go out and buy a fun water bottle. I know it sounds simple but it's helped me to consistently drink the recommended 64 Oz. of water a day. I found my cool bottle at Caribou Coffee but you can find them all over. Anywhere from gas stations to big outlet stores like Target and even grocery stores.
  • If healthy eating is on your list, be prepared. Make sure to buy and stock healthy foods, so you don't go for the junk. I even bag my meats in a sandwich bag so I know it's the right serving on the Weight Watchers Program.
  • If working out is one of your goals, know what exercise you Really enjoy. I've learned that power walking is something I stick to because I genuinely enjoy it. If weather permits, I prefer to walk outside. If weather doesn't permit, I jump on the treadmill with headphones. Research has shown that people will stick to an exercise routine more consistently when it's something they enjoy and not an exercise they have to talk themselves into.
  • If your trying to quit a bad habit like smoking, think about joining a support group to help you stay motivated and on track. These days you can even find support, online.
No matter what your New Year Resolutions are, give yourself permission to make some fun choices now and then. This makes your goals easier to stick to, because you know it's a lifestyle change and not a death sentence for no more fun. For those of you that have decided to make some resolutions, good luck to you and I wish you a Happy Healthy New Year.
Sincerely, Linda Rogers


  1. These are some great suggestions. Happy New Year Linda!

  2. Great suggestions!! My losing weight goal is part of my New Year's Resolution to become healthier. It is just one part of that puzzle.

    Hope your New Year is off to a great start!! Cheers, Jenn.

  3. Hi Cheerfulnuts and Jenn-Thanks for coming by. Hopefully my life experience (being old) LOL- can help you gals. Jenn, losing weight is always on my list but not always something I do well on. Maybe this year :-0