Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy 49th Birthday Twinner

Dear Laura,

It's about 7:30PM on our birthday eve. Your out and about with your kiddos right now and I have the house all to myself. I'm getting really pumped up for our birthday tomorrow and celebrating at one of our favorite restaurants. I still get excited like I did when we were younger, because I always know that I share this special day with my Best Friend. I hope your planning on staying up until midnight, so we can bring in this 49th birthday right. Some day we won't be able to stay up late so let's get the jammies and slippers on and watch the clock strike Midnight. It's going to be another Friday the 13th birthday. Those have always turned out to be amazing birthday's for us. I think with all the superstition surrounding the date, our expectations have been low, which made them that much more fun.

I guess I'm writing this birthday wish for you, so you'll always know, in no uncertain terms, what you mean to me.

Laura, I can truly say, that my journey in this life has been Beautiful because of you. Life has thrown us some curve balls but because we love each other, we manage to not only Survive, but Thrive. When I was diagnosed with cancer almost eight years ago, as scared as I was, I knew I wasn't alone. I knew my twin sister would be there for me, through thick and thin, and never waiver.

My love for you is so strong, that I was glad it was me that ended up with cancer and not you.

Your love for me is so strong...

When the pharmacist told you my medical insurance ran out and I was no longer covered for pain and nausea medication, you went to bat for me. You caused quite a commotion at Health Partners Clinic that day. The poor, unsuspecting pharmacist didn't know what hit him. Though you tried to be strong for me so I could get the needed medication, desperate pleas and flowing tears illuminated your Unconditional Love for me.

When you hadn't come back to my room with the medication for about twenty minutes, the oncologist had an "aha" moment. She'd seen this happen before and realized that my health insurance probably ran out. She assured me, I would get the chemo drugs I needed to help combat the bad side effects, but added, "there may be some confusion with the pharmacy, you'd better get downstairs and let Laura know we can take care of it." Before I even reached the lobby, I could hear my frightened twin sister, pleading with the pharmacist. "Please, if she doesn't get the medication, she will be deathly ill." Her voice was loud and firm yet sadly vulnerable. By the time I entered the pharmacy lobby, all eyes and ears were on Laura. I noticed that people were looking at her with compassion like they'd been in this situation too. Many onlookers had tears in their eyes as they watched my sister fight for me. When I finally reached Laura, I wrapped my arms around her and said with all the love in my heart, "it's ok honey, my oncologist will take care of the medication." You could've heard a pin drop as the people in the lobby witnessed the unconditional love of a sister. 

Happy Birthday Laura-I love you with all my heart and soul and can't imagine my life without you.


  1. I have a sister (though not a twin) whom I also adore. This letter to your sister was amaxing!

  2. Thanks Audra-Yes, you sure don't have to be a twin to have a special connection with a sibling. I am glad you and your sister have such a nice relationship. I sure can't imagine my life without my sis.

  3. You have an amazing gift- writing... I wish I could express my feelings through writing like you do. What a beautiful gift you gave your sister. I have a wonderful sister too, just not a twin like you.

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  5. Hi Stacy-You don't need to have a twin to know you are blessed; and I know you are. We are both so fortunate to have a sibling that loves us no matter what. This is a gift that we have to celebrate as long as we are here. Love you buddy :-)

  6. Happy belated birthday Linda! :)

    And BTW here's my new blog about my journey as a medical student :).