Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monday Madness-Talking in Your Sleep

Talking in Your Sleep

We were asked in our Monday Writing Group to share a story about talking in your sleep. Here is my story:

As an identical twin, I have many interesting stories to share and this is one of them:

Mom put her five year old, identical twins to bed one evening. Later that night she heard noises and stirrings coming from their room. She opened the door and peeked in. What she witnessed was something she never thought possible. Her daughters were talking gibberish to each other and searching for something under their respective beds.

Mom had known her twin girls to have the same dream before but never the same dream at the exact same time.  This was even a bit unsettling for a mom who was use to dealing with some mysterious, inexplicable twin behavior.

Eventually, after quietly observing the twins in their mystical search, she whispered, "time for bed Linda and Laura, I found it." The incomprehensible chatter and curious searching ceased and both girls went back to bed.

I still wonder after all these years, what Laura and I were looking for. How is it that we could have the same dream simultaneously.


  1. That's amazing, I think we all talk in our sleep but being identical twins I could see that happening. The brain waves both in syn at the very same time. I could just imagine your mom's reaction when she saw you both carrying on at the same time. Interesting story and a good one.

  2. That is an amazing story! I bet it was great being a twin!

  3. Vincent-Darlene-Humor after 50- Thanks for the comments. I know, poor mom must've thought we were spooky. I can't imagine how wierd that must have been for her.

  4. That is pretty amazing when you think about it!! I'm not a twin, nor a mom of twins so I'm not sure what I would have thought at the time...LOL. I will say that I have been known to talk in my sleep and carry on conversations with people while sleeping and not recall a word of it later on. That can get embarrassing!

    Cheers, Jenn.

  5. Hey Jenn-I know, this story even freaks my out and It's about me. Thx for reading my twinner story.