Monday, October 11, 2010

Pieces of Poetry

God's Rainy Lullaby

Pitter Pat, droplets fall

on my window pane

Soft and Warm you speak to me

My cozy friend "the rain"

I smell the rust-like odor

as you touch the ground

You make me feel so peaceful

that rythymic rainy sound

When our saviour calls on me

and surely I must die

I pray I hear my favorite sound

"God's rainy lullabye"...

God's Love

I'd like to tell you how I feel

Our loving God is hope to heal

When life is tough and throws a curve

Do not fret, as God will serve

Life goes on in-spite of strife

We'll grow in wisdom in this life

Even when you lose a fight

God is there to make it right

God Love's You

He knows every hair on your head

So live in joy, let go of dread

Put your hopeless thoughts at bay

and thank the Lord for each new day

Go forth with hope, for God is here

When you live in faith, there is no fear

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