Friday, July 9, 2010

A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Lier Lier Pants on Fire, Hanging on a telephone wire

You show the world your Calculated, conncocted persona

You hide the dark, sick, evil man you really are

Your accomplishment of Naval Seal is just a trick

You took that little girls innocence like it was nothing

All because of your sick, preverse needs

She use -to trust and believe that people were basically good

She use-to believe in santa, the easter bunny and princes'

She now see's the evil that lurks all around her

To keep her sanity and keep pain at bay, she pushes down the event

Until that day on the bus with her teenage friends

You stepped in not knowing she saw you, the wolf in sheeps clothing

"What is happening to me? she thinks to herself"

"She can't breathe, her head is spinning, she feels ill

Her mind goes back to the event that she wanted to forget Forever

Back to the time she was twelve and swimming at the beach

Fun with her friend turned into Nightmare as his brother approached

I don't know you, why did you call me over to the shallow inlet

You make me do things, touch things, for what seemed Forever

Make it stop, Make it stop...Why is this happening to me

All the while manipulating younger brother to dive in the deep end of the lake

So you can hurt a little girl that just wanted to play at the beach

Finally a voice in the distance yells for little Maggie to come home for lunch

She is no longer a prisoner of his ugly wrath and knows it is safe to leave

She runs as fast as she can, away from the monster

Maggie goes home a changed little girl, Never to be the same

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