Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Homeless Man

An arctic bitter wind
blows angrily in my face

My cold body~ rigid
I walk at a snail's pace

The city life
isn't all it's cracked up to be

It drains your soul
like a used up  B--a-t-t-e-r-y                                

As I round the corner
out of the parking ramp

I notice an old man
He's shivering, cold and damp

His long black coat
hangs from his slender frame

His eyes look tired
yet his spirit holds no shame

Trying to warm his hands
he rubs them together

It's clear his cardboard home
has seen extreme weather

I threw down my things
and sat down beside him

Wondering how I'd help
a situation so grim

I huddled close
and asked him his name

He said I was special
the only person who came

I've sat here for days
looking for hope

But nobody cared
that I couldn't cope

Thank you sweet child
for seeing my soul

Beneath my appearance
that's taken it's toll

I watched in awe
at the blinding bright light

As man transformed into angel
and drifted out of sight

Written for dVerse Poets
Open Link Night
Week #106


  1. Linda, this is wonderful. As poets, we need to call attention to those who need our help.

  2. it's good to sit a bit with those that are homeless or going through hard times...not many do...

  3. Every word of hello in life is truly a gift like that. The homeless man was the fortunate one as he could fill the full glory and light of that gift. I know what that feels like; it is the most beautiful thing in life of all! For any person to see another person's true soul! And the other person to see that reflection too.

  4. Not many have the patience or the inclination to help out with a simple gesture of comfort and words. You are to be congratulated.

  5. big smiles....i have a special place in my heart for the homeless...i used to eat lunch with them when i lived in the city....they all have a story to tell....and we are all human....

  6. Very touching--an eloquent reminder that all of us, even the forgotten or outcast, need and deserve kindness.

  7. I agree Victoria. We are all God's family no matter what our circumstances. We need to reach out and be there for those less fortunate. Even if it's just a smile or saying hello.

  8. Hi Claudia~it doesn't take much to make another person's day. Thanks for coming by, I always appreciate the support of my work. :-)

  9. Kate-You gave me goosebumps with your heart-felt comment. It truly is a gift to see someone for who they are on the inside. Bless you for coming by.

  10. Dear Ramblings~I think stopping to see people can be challenging when your busy with the day to day things, but it's worth it. You can find so many incredible people with incredible stories. Thanks for coming by.

  11. Brian~I am not surprised that you would eat lunch with the homeless. We are all God's children and some of us are struggling more than others.

  12. Hi Nico~kindess is the perfect word here. It's all any of us want, no matter what our circumstances.

  13. beautiful words....lovely lines!!

  14. Thank you kindly Kalyan :-) I always appreciate a visit to my blog.