Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Poem~A Mother's Heavenly Visit to her Youngest Child

Those first few months
felt like a blurr                                      

The longing and pain
of missing her

She couldn't erase
the image in her head

Of Mom in a coffin
and feelings of dread

Why did you leave us?
your children need you

Dad is a drunk
and won't know what to do

Night time was lonely
without mom around

She'd hear scary noises
that made her heart pound

She missed the routine
of being tucked in

And the maternal love
a dad couldn't give

The girl lay crying
feeling hopeless one night

She pleaded with God
to make it all right

I need you mommy
you keep me on track

Please help me Lord
can you bring her back?

Down the hallway she noticed
a light moving slowly

It grew brighter and brighter
she knew it was holy

A beautiful lady
floated above her head

And eventually sat
at the edge of her bed

Looking right at the angel
she recognized the face

It was her mother
glowing with grace

She listened intently
to the message conveyed

Through telepathic means
Mom said, "don't be afraid."

I'm sorry I left you
just know I'm still here

Watching over you kids
every day, every year

I love you my baby
your four siblings too

Make sure you tell them
of my visit to you

Let them know
I tucked them in tonight

That things will get better
it will be alright

At that very moment
her spirit-body lifted

Down the hallway I watched
as she gracefully drifted.

Written for dVerse Poets
Prompt: Atmosphere within Poem 


  1. What a beautifully uplifting poem!

  2. Aww, thanks Mary. It was so healing to write about mom's visit.

  3. awww...that is lovely...i am sure the presence of her mother helped her...its hard to lose a parent and def as a child...what a rough story she is living eh to start...def liked how you ended it linda...smiles.

    1. Thanks Brian~love getting the 'awww' from you as it makes me feel good that the poem touched you. It was my twin sister, who is two minutes younger than me-LOL-that had the visit from mom. She took mom's death the hardest. When dad sat us kids down and told us mom died and went to heaven, she screamed and cried and wouldn't believe him. Those were hard days for all of us kids. I was glad mom came to Laura. It's crazy that she and I shared a bedroom and I didn't see mom. This visit was only meant for her and I slept right through it. She shared it with all of us and it gave us all some healing through the grieving process.

  4. oh that gave me wonderful that she was there and re-assured them that she's still taking care of them..

    1. Thanks so much Claudia. I was sleeping right next to my twin sister when mom came to visit with her.I slept through the whole thing which made me know right away that the visit was meant for her alone, and then to be shared with the rest of us. Thanks for taking time to read my poem.

  5. I'm so glad for the little girl, hopefully a little closure and a way to go on.. great and uplifting.

    1. Hi Bjorn~nice to have a visit from you. It was healing for my twin sister as well as the rest of us kids. It was tough losing a mother so young. Sis and I were only nine years old and mom was only thirty-nine.

    2. Thank you for your visit.. left an answer on the word threnody you asked about. It means a hymn of mourning for a diseased...

  6. So hard on children who have to deal with the death of a parent. This is a really touching tale, told with a good underlying rhythm.

    1. Thanks rumoursofrhyme~it was tough but it made all us kids pretty strong and independent. Those were some really dark days.Thanks for taking time to read my poem.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Laurie~it was very healing to write about it.

  8. I knew, as soon as I saw the title, what this one would do to me. Touching poem and such a gift.

    1. Wow, I am honored by your comment. Thank you kindly for coming by.

  9. Your poem brought tears to my eyes. I always wished for something like this to happen when I was a small child.

  10. Wonderful!! I love the rhythm and how it goes so well with the subject being a young girl!! :-)

  11. Oh Susan~I wish you could've gotten that healing of a visit. I know that it helped all of us kids a lot and especially Laura~the youngest of the brood. It really helped put her grief at a healthier level. Thanks so much for taking time to read this Susan.

  12. Thanks so much Katie~I appreciate your observation of the child-like language of my poem.

  13. Thank you for the personal and lovely share ~ This touched me as well ~

  14. Just delicately told.

  15. Thanks Grace. It was healing to write about this event.

  16. Thanks for the nice comment pandamoniumcat :-)

  17. I am in tears typing this. So very beautiful and sad at the same time. Exquisite writing.

  18. Oh my goodness~I am honored to get such a heart-felt comment with such nice praise of my writing. I think when poetry truly comes from the heart, it can touch people to their core. Bless you for coming by Maggie Grace.