Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Reflections

Warm breezes wrap me like a baby in a blanket
filling my senses with a glorious sweet smell
Once a dull brown hue becomes a beautiful bright green
as nature's whisper becomes a mighty yell
Flowers wake from long slumbers
opening their petals to the sky
Birds journey back to summer homes
dancing, chirping, long into the nigh
The swamp makes a grand entrance
with sights and sounds galore
the magical voice of the croaking frog
fills me with peace and wanting more
I hear a sad song, bittersweet to the ear
the bird is speaking a haunting shrill
is it a love song or a eulogy, I do not know
I do surmise it's the pleading of the whippoorwill
Buds pop up like a jack in the box
and like a little girl, I watch in awe
as nature springs back to life 
and winters cold grip begins to thaw


  1. I love the flowers that bloom in spring, that is my favorite part of the season.

  2. Hi JewelandtheSun-Please forgive me for not being on my blog lately and seeing your lovely comments. You are so sweet and you make my day by your nice words. I am soo glad spring is back:)