Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Twin Sister Pretends to be me with my Date

Twins can be Sneaky

I was a ninth grader attending Grandview Middle School. I was dating a nice boy that I'd had a crush on since the 7th grade. Dating at this age basically meant, meeting up at activities like: rollerskating, basketball and football games or co-ed parties which were supervised by parents.

Tom caught me at my locker after lunch one day and asked me if I'd meet him at the Mound Highschool basketball game the following Friday night. I excitedly accepted his offer and we discussed details. I would meet him around 6:30PM in the upper corner of the bleachers where the ninth graders always sat.

I thought about the date with Tom all week long. I was having a hard time focusing on anything else, like my homework. What would I wear? My hip hugger pants or my bell bottom corduroys? What would he wear? I loved when he wore that t-shirt with the peace sign on it. His arms looked so big and strong in that. I hope he wears his brute cologne, it smells so sexy. Would he put his arm around me? I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about him and our date night.

The week dragged on and I felt like the weekend would never come. Finally, my alarm went off, it was Friday. I took a shower and got ready for school. I felt a little under the weather and had the sniffles but nothing that would stop me from going to school and going on my big date. As the school day went on, I was feeling worse and worse. When I got home, I fell into my bed and decided to take a little cat nap. Hopefully resting for an hour would make me feel better. When I woke up, I felt even sicker. I told my twin sister that I didn't think I could go to the game. I asked her if she would let Tom know I wasn't feeling good and would call him tomorrow. It was really depressing watching Laura getting ready for the game. Why did I have to get sick tonite?

I realized I was starting to feel better and by 7:15 I asked my dad if he'd drop me off at the game. I walked into the gymnasium and started for the bleachers. My eyes were searching for Tom and the rest of the gang. Half way up the bleachers I could make out another girl sitting next to my boyfriend. "Does he have his arm around her?" I was freaking out. Once I got up close and looked, there was my twin sister sitting next to Tom. By this time, Laura and her friends that knew about the trick, started giggling. I told Tom that Laura was sitting next to him, not me. His face turned beet red as Laura got up and I took my rightful place. I still hear about the trick Laura played on Tom and I at every class reunion.

© 2011 Linda Rogers


  1. LOL...Laura loves to pull those pranks doesn't she?? Didn't she just pull one on you whilst waving at you from the back of the police cruiser? Too funny!

    Poor Tom he was probably none the wiser.

    My best friends in kindergarten were identical twins, Danette and Collette. It took me half the school year to really be able to tell them apart, and even then I had a hard time doing so. They were the sweetest girls...too bad I had to move for first grade.

    Enjoyed reading about the Ole Twin Switcheroo, Cheers, Jenn.

  2. Thanks for reading my twin story Jenn, I appreciate it. Being a twin is a riot and yes, Laura sure does love pulling pranks on me. Life as a twin never gets boring :-)