Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and gratitude. This holiday is a state of mind that can be lived everyday. Being grateful for what we've been blessed with, is a way to live a fuller, more meaningful life. This Thanksgiving I have so much to thank God for and would like to share my blessings with you.

  • God who is always with me and knows every hair on my head.
  • My parents who brought me into this world. For all they taught me and the love they gave me.
  • Our home was in foreclosure but we qualified for the HAMP Program. We found out in September that we will now keep the home we all love so much.
  • I will be seven years cancer-free this St. Patrick's Day. I was given poor odds of surviving the first five years, so this is a mile-stone for me.
  • I have the honor of living with my twin sister and her two children. I am helping Laura raise them which gives me such purpose in life.
  • I have a family that loves and supports me through the ups and downs of life.
  • I have TRUE friends that have my back. After the cancer diagnosis I learned quickly which friends were real and which were superficial.
  • I have new friends that I have met on Hub Pages that mean the world to me. Writing has always been a passion for me but now add good friends to this blessing.
  • The fact that Laura and I were told about Hub Pages and are writing again after many years.
  • I am blessed to have a car to get me and the family from A to Z. Laura and I share a car but it is a blessing. It is also a blessing to have an old car that is already paid off.
  • My two dogs are my little angels. They bring so much love and joy to this home that I cannot imagine life without them. What a blessing we found eachother.
  • I am grateful for the wonderful neighbors in my culdesac. We all watch over eachother's children and gather often to enjoy each others company.
  • I am lucky to have a home-based job which is something I always wanted. Now I can make money and still be home to be there for the kids.
  • My twin sister is in her dream job that uses all the gifts that God has blessed her with. She is a director at a non-profit agency. She inspires everyone that crosses her path with her beautiful personality and compassion. Her soul is filled up every day with God's love as she helps homeless women and their children that are recovering from addiction. What a calling to have in your life and Laura answers it with a deep love and passion.
Thank you for letting me gush about some of the blessings in my life. I hope everyone is having a beautiful Thanksgiving. Thanks again for your important friendship here. You have given me so much:)

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