Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Big Snow Storm of the Season for Minnesota
My nephew Jacob on top right with his friends in the neighborhood
I don't know what it is with us Minnesotans, but the first big snow is always an exciting adventure.  You'd think after so many winter seasons it wouldn't be such a big deal.  This is what a typical Minnesotan does when they hear of a big storm a com in:

  • Get to the grocery store to stock up on needed items just in case one can't get out for a while.
  • Start a nice fire in the fire place so we stay cozy and warm
  • Pull out the bin that holds the hats, boots, mittens, winter coats and snow pants
  • Turn on the weather channel or local news so we can follow the storm from start to finish
  • Once the storm starts we must look out the window as a family and let out loud squeals of joy
  • ,Eventually it's time for the kids to run outside and rouse the neighbor kids for some winter fun
  • If it's a heavy wet snow then they must build Frosty the Snow Man, throw snowballs, go sliding
  •  When they've had their fill of cold and wet snow, they make their way inside for some of Laura and Linda's hot chocolate with marsh mellows, usually fireside

News Bulletin:  This report just in from our local weather station
The First big snow storm of the season is just starting to taper down in the twin cities area. It looks like we could get about 7-10 inches of snow before all is said and done.
Channel 9 local news weatherman Eric Maitland, says that the heavy wet snow is causing several tree branches to fall, in turn bringing down power lines. According to Xcel Energy up to 3,000 of its customers are currently without power across the Twin Cities Metro area.


  1. Already read about your big snow! I think Twin beat ya to this one...or did she...?

  2. Too funny Jackie-She did beat me. LOL. I wish I could follow you but I am having problems with this since they took off my last blog template from cutest blog on the blog. UUGGHH.