Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Dear Friend and Neighbor Contracted Legionnaires Disease

My friend and neighbor in my cottage community, contracted Legionnaires Disease while out of town in Bay City, Wisconsin. She and a buddy went on a three day vacation and stayed in a small cabin. The cabin was a bit run down and they noticed the air conditioner was really old and dirty. It was also situated right in front of a dirty, stagnant marshy area. My neighbor Jodie spent a lot of time in front of the air conditioner because of the high heat and humidity. Jodie's friend on the other hand, had a bad feeling about it; and stayed as far away as possible from it.. She'd go outside and take a walk when Jodie turned it on. Turns out she was right to listen to her gut and keep a safe distance from the infested unit. By the third day at the cabin, Jodie was feeling sick and went to bed very early on that last night instead of enjoying a late night bonfire. By the time she got home, she had no energy, a high fever and severe headache.

After laying in bed very sick for three days, she finally took our advice and checked into the hospital. After many test's it was confirmed that Jodi had contracted Legionnaires Disease. A severe form of pneumonia that kills 1 in 10 people that are infected. Jodi is looking at a long difficult road to recovery.

Like any of us, Jodie is deeply concerned about how she's going to pay her bills while she is recovering. Average recovery from Legionnaires Disease is 12-18 months. She relies on tips she makes selling pull tabs at two locations in Mound, Minnesota. She's already lost hundreds of dollars since coming down with the disease.

My sister set up a GoFundMe Site to help Jodie pay for her rent, monthly bills and medical bills. This could be a very long healing process for my friend and any amount of money could help her during this difficult time.

We all know our cottage friend and neighbor has a strong will and spirit that will help her survive this illness.  Please pray for total healing on her left lung as her latest cat scan showed the whole lung is infected.


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